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    1. January 7, 2011

      The List: Stars playing themselves

      ...Jack Benny, Lucille Ball, Bill Cosby, Kelly Monteith, Garry Shandling and Jerry Seinfeld. We had Hancock and Eric Sykes. But in...guise of extra-turned-sitcom-star Andy Millman, Ricky Gervais somehow made the UK the global epicentre of showbiz self-examination...By Ben Thompson

    2. December 23, 2006


      ...Boxing Day Ricky Gervais Meets . . . Garry Shandling (Channel 4 11...anything, else. Gervais may live to regret likening Shandling to Bingo from The Banana Splits and Shandling to rue exploring Gervais's possible anti...By KARL FRENCH