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    Microsoft veteran Bill Veghte appointed SurveyMonkey boss

    Bill Veghte, a veteran Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard executive, has been brought in to run online polling companyRichard Waters in San Francisco

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    Small retailers wary of losing Sunday trading edge

    Paul Cheema wants to keep Sunday special. Not for religious reasons but, he says, to protect the livelihoods of his familyBy Andrew Bounds, Andrea Felsted and Sarah O’Connor

  3. FT Alphaville



    Presenting the winners of the Great CampAV Quiz

    And the triumphant winners were…. That’s a hearty congratulations to team “Random Rabble” — a motley crew self-assembled onIzabella Kaminska

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    India: Land in demand

    Ashok Yadav was optimistic when Uttar Pradesh authorities took 589 hectares of land from his village, Patwari — includingAmy Kazmin

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    No rush for havens despite signs of doom

    Greece, Puerto Rico and China offer a steady stream of doom as prices in all three plunge, at least when allowed. But theJames Mackintosh

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    Sinn Féin’s alliance with Syriza shows shift in leftwing politics

    Euclid Tsakalotos, the new Greek finance minister, knows when to play to the gallery. Addressing the annual conference inVincent Boland in Dublin

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    Grexit will leave the euro fragile

    So what should the eurozone do now? Last week I concluded that the Greeks should vote Yes. They decided insteadMartin Wolf

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    India’s land acquisition struggles

    New apartment blocks on the outskirts of Delhi offer the middle-class dream of home ownership. But the farmers who2m 33secs

  6. FT Alphaville



    Crowdsourcing wisdom at Camp Alphaville

    If you attended Camp Alphaville last Wednesday you may have come across a chap like this: … circulating through crowds likeIzabella Kaminska

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    UK trial shows fish oil could be grown in fields

    Fish oil could be grown on land rather than under water, scientists say, following the first successful field trial ofClive Cookson, Science Editor

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