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    Pope blasts Vatican bureaucrats in Christmas address

    Pope Francis scolded members of the Vatican bureaucracy in a harshly-worded Christmas greeting that listed “15 ills” thatJames Politi in Rome

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    Oil’s fall may prompt BoJ easing

    It is a very merry Christmas from Tokyo Electric Power. Last week, Japan’s biggest utility by service area said that the

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    Ashcroft vaults into the world of polling

    Lord Ashcroft, once notorious for his “non-dom” tax status, has become an independent opinion pollster in one of the mostJim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

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    Nigerian banks: losing steam

    The road to town is riddled with potholes and passes through crowded slums. Not a metaphor for life, but a description of

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    Nigerian consumer goods: luxury prices

    Luxury goods are dead. Long live luxury goods. As the sector frets about the decline of the Chinese consumer, Africa is the

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    Nigerian capital controls: eye of the needle

    Quiz time. Which country with a currency battered by falling oil prices is likeliest to introduce capital controls first

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    Nigerian oil & gas: crude challenges

    A shocking thing happened to Nigeria this year. In July, it dropped off the list of providers of crude oil to the US — the

  5. FT Photo Diary



    Shaved for Solstice

    A man has his head shaved inside the stone circle at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, where people are gathering to celebrate theJamie Han

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    Russia to introduce export tariff on grain

    Russia, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of wheat, is preparing to introduce export duties on grain in an effort to keepBy Neil Hume, Jack Farchy and Henry Sanderson

  7. FT Alphaville



    Not everyone "deserves" oil market share according to Naimi

    For seasoned oil watchers the latest spew of “informed commentary” hitting the media waves is probably becoming nauseating.Izabella Kaminska

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