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    Prada — Milan Fashion Week AW15 show report

    The Prada group announced a 1 per cent dip in sales on Monday (down to €3.55bn), with the most significant drop (nearly 2Jo Ellison

  2. NEW


    UK urged to be ‘premier partner’ in Arctic

    A feeble approach to promoting Britain’s interests in the Arctic means that the UK risks being outmanoeuvred by otherPilita Clark, Environment Correspondent

  3. NEW


    MPs dismiss chancellor’s claim over cut in UK’s Brussels bill

    George Osborne’s claim that he had “halved” a £1.7bn surcharge presented to Britain by Brussels has been dismissed by MPs,George Parker, Political Editor

  1. Tech blog



    Google Play is becoming serious business

    Google’s Play Store is taking off. It has handed out more than $7bn to app developers in the last 12 months. And after anRichard Waters

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    USDA slashes China corn import forecast

    The perils of forecasting the Chinese agricultural market came to the fore earlier this month when the US Department ofEmiko Terazono

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    US probe delays Barclays forex settlement

    A New York banking regulator’s probe of Barclays’ foreign exchange trading business is holding up a settlement of currencyGina Chon in Washington, Caroline Binham and Martin Arnold in London

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    Britain’s case for an independent energy policy

    Sir, Your leader on “the case for forging an energy union in Europe” (February 25) makes the implicit assumption that the

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    Gas retains environmental advantage over coal

    Sir, It seems churlish to point out to Sir Crispin Tickell (Letters, February 26) that different fossil fuels produce

  6. NEW


    FOMC offers scant guidance on rates

    Sir, James Mackintosh writes that if investors start to believe the graph of the Federal Reserve’s rate predictions, the

  7. NEW


    Beijing follows rule of law in corruption crackdown

    Sir, The comments in your editorial (“China’s contradictory war against corruption”, February 19) on the rule of law and the

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