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    Rite Aid cuts profit forecast as medications come off patent

    Rite Aid, the third-largest US drugstore chain, cut its full-year profit forecast, saying its margins would be squeezed as a By Elizabeth Paton and Eric Platt in New York

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    China reported to have arrested own envoy as spy

    China’s ambassador to Iceland is missing and has been arrested over allegations he is a Japanese spy, according to media By Charles Clover

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    Monitise’s Visa issues reflect wider struggle with UK tech groups

    Shares in mobile payments company Monitise slumped by more than 30 per cent on Thursday when Visa Inc, the UK group’s By Sally Davies and Andy Sharman

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    US Drugstores: Bitter pill to swallow

    Is selling pills a dreadful business? That seems to depend on the way pills are sold. On Thursday, US pharmacy chain Rite

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    Albania’s parliament sacks central bank governor

    Albania’s parliament has voted to dismiss the country’s central bank governor for alleged abuse of office, the first By Kerin Hope in Athens

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    Sanctions extend influence of hardmen in Putin’s Kremlin

    Russia’s business community and economic officials are in shock over the arrest of Vladimir Yevtushenkov, one of the By Kathrin Hille in Moscow

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    SuperGroup and Ted Baker entrepreneurs tailor leadership to fit

    The ivy-clad buildings of Cheltenham Ladies College might seem like the last place a cool, urban fashion group would choose By Alison Smith and Andrea Felsted

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    Gaza conflict sets back Palestinian-Israeli business ties

    Palestinian business leaders are turning their back on their Israeli counterparts as relations between the two sides worsen By John Reed in Ramallah

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    Obama’s isolation deepens over Isis

    Even before he took office, Barack Obama was worrying about the isolation that awaited him in the White House. “There’s a By Geoff Dyer in Washington

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    Publishers call for UK antitrust inquiry into Amazon

    British publishers have called for a competition inquiry into Amazon’s dominance, saying that the UK’s retail book market By Henry Mance

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