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    The voters are the eurozone’s weakest link

    The euro crisis is back. An election in Greece next month and the probable victory of Syriza, a far-left party, willGideon Rachman

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    Mobster-hunter faces new tests in Washington

    US attorney-general nominee Loretta Lynch cut her teeth pursuing mobsters, drug dealers and terrorists, but her prosecutionsGina Chon in Washington

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    Obama touts ‘strategic patience’ on Putin

    US sanctions helped ensure that Russia’s economy would be devastated by the plunging oil price, President Barack Obama said,Barney Jopson in New York

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    BAE turns its fire on tax evasion

    With its Eurofighter jets and Bradley tanks, BAE Systems has a long history of protecting countries from military attack.Henry Foy, Central Europe Correspondent

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    A year in a word: Populism

    Populism noun — political ideology that claims to speak for the common people; a brand of politics hostile to elites andTony Barber

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    Bezos-owned Washington Post offers technology to other publishers

    The Washington Post is looking to become a software provider to other news organisations to develop new revenue streams andShannon Bond in New York

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    Forgive the debt or earn the wrath of its victims

    It could have been staged by the Ghost of Christmas Past. The scene in the Greek parliament on Monday was just the sort ofJohn Plender

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    Igor Levit, Wigmore Hall, London — review

    This was the first recital in a Wigmore Hall “Emerging Talent” series entitled “Introducing Igor Levit”. At the time theRichard Fairman

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    Zemlinsky Quartet, Wigmore Hall, London — review

    If you can’t let your hair down at your own party, then when can you? There’s a question for the Zemlinsky Quartet, whoHannah Nepil

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    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Royal Opera House, London — review

    When the pin-sharp Akane Takada gallantly stepped in to replace an injured Natalia Osipova in the Royal Ballet’s Don QuixoteLouise Levene

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