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    1. 16 hours ago

      Tax havens told to drop opposition to UK call for central register

      ...financial centres have been told to rethink their opposition to David Cameron’s demand that they create a central register revealing...likely to be aired during the election campaign, after Ed Miliband wrote to the offshore centres in February saying they would...Vanessa Houlder

    2. 17 hours ago

      The prince across the water plots to steal David Cameron’s crown

      ...put the Conservative’s David Cameron back in Downing Street or do they prefer Labour’s Ed Miliband? Is the country leaning...empty. Messrs Cameron and Miliband have been joined by a third...advantage he has held over Mr Miliband in leadership ratings. The Labour...Philip Stephens

    3. 18 hours ago

      Miliband launches Labour campaign with pledge on NHS

      ...event on Thursday night, Ed Miliband vowed to “stop the tide of privatisation...site on a campaign bus, Mr Miliband was cheered by activists...the previous night. Whereas David Cameron at times appeared...many observers declared Mr Miliband the winner, a snap ICM poll...George Parker and Sarah Neville

    1. 22 hours ago

      Muted debate does little to rouse voters, even in Middle England

      ...Typical? Yes, if Middle England means the home of David Cameron’s people: conscientious, harassed, ambitious...the minority channels, Channel 4 and Sky, with Ed Miliband and David Cameron appearing separately, like rival gang leaders...Matthew Engel

    2. 23 hours ago

      Women in Westminster: the gender gap

      ...the popular Bellamy’s bar — David Cameron used the nursery for...chamber.” A close confidante of Ed Miliband, having managed his leadership campaign...furore. “I saw Angela Eagle, when David Cameron was talking about the economy...Elizabeth Rigby

    3. March 27, 2015

      Populus Predictor suggests Ed Miliband is more likely to be PM

      ...leaders’ debates, the Budget, even David Cameron’s pledge not to seek a third...largest party is all but equal, however Ed Miliband ends up as prime minister 77 per cent of the time, against David Cameron’s 23 per cent, because of...

    4. March 26, 2015

      Miliband gains credit in TV ‘debate’ but poll puts Cameron ahead

      Ed Miliband held his own with David Cameron in the first of...46 per cent thought Mr Miliband had emerged ahead...Democrat parties. Mr Miliband had accused Mr Cameron of...Thursday night: “If David Cameron could stand by...Jim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

    5. March 26, 2015

      Conservatives kick off UK election campaign with own goal

      David Cameron’s efforts to rally his party before the general election backfired...Gove. The government defeat gave Labour MPs a much-needed boost after Ed Miliband was outsmarted at prime minister’s questions this week by a confident...Elizabeth Rigby and Jim Pickard

    6. March 26, 2015

      How UK’s pre-election TV debates will work

      ...answer programme featuring David Cameron and Ed Miliband. This first event involves...which will be moderated by David Dimbleby. April 30: The final...Time, again presented by David Dimbleby. Mr Cameron, Mr Miliband and Mr Clegg will appear...Jim Pickard

    7. March 26, 2015

      Sterling’s allure fades as rate rise doves prevail

      ...is the upcoming UK election, but as campaigning begins in earnest on Thursday night, with a TV grilling of David Cameron and Ed Miliband, interest rate expectations are also exerting an influence. Last summer, the UK looked like it would lead...Roger Blitz

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