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      Labour drops opposition to EU referendum

      ...referendum on EU membership. Under Ed Miliband’s leadership, the party had strongly...But it has now said it will support David Cameron’s planned referendum bill to enable...Membership costs Europe: The British question David Cameron’s election victory means that...Helen Warrell, Public Policy Correspondent

    2. May 19, 2015

      Tessa Jowell’s bid to be London mayor focuses on homes

      ...crowded Labour field. London MPs Sadiq Khan, Diane Abbott, David Lammy and Gareth Thomas have all declared their intention to seek the...Labour has won just one of them.” She also criticised Ed Miliband’s general election campaign strategy, saying it had...Barney Thompson

    3. May 18, 2015

      Cooper seeks to rebuild Labour’s business ties

      ...help choose a successor to Ed Miliband, in an attempt to dilute...leader in 2010 by opting for Mr Miliband — the unions’ choice — and said she...referring to the choice of Mr Miliband over his brother David. The stand-in leader repeated...George Parker and Jim Pickard

    1. May 18, 2015

      Labour’s analysis paralysis blights a party of clever fools

      ...prospectus was too leftwing and its leader, Ed Miliband, was a liability. If it had chosen his brother David in 2010, and not spent five...number of people in the party thought Mr Miliband was a plausible prime minister. These individuals...Janan Ganesh

    2. May 18, 2015

      Harman calls for public to get involved in Labour leader contest

      ...leader in 2010 by opting for Mr Miliband — the unions’ choice — and...referring to the choice of Mr Miliband over his brother David. The stand-in leader repeated...the favourite to succeed Mr Miliband following the withdrawal last...George Parker and Jim Pickard

    3. May 18, 2015

      Q&A: Is Len McCluskey Labour’s kingmaker?

      ...Unite launched a “Stop David” campaign to prevent the Blairite David Miliband becoming leader. The main unions all backed Ed Miliband, even though MPs and grassroots...Ed and more about hating David,” says one senior figure...Jim Pickard

    4. May 17, 2015

      David Cameron faces pressure to hold EU referendum next year

      David Cameron is under pressure to bring forward...the election. In depth Britain in Europe David Cameron is under pressure from all sides and faces...Labour voters and non-voters? Yes.” Ed Miliband, former Labour leader, had resisted pressure...Jim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

    5. May 17, 2015

      Andy Burnham’s quest for Labour leadership picks up pace

      ...Both Mr Dugher and Mr Watson helped Ed Miliband beat his brother David to the leadership five years ago. Mr Miliband then made Mr Watson his campaign chief...Blair, propped Brown up and stopped David getting in,” said one Blairite figure...Jim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

    6. May 15, 2015

      Labour party has yet to grasp the scale of its defeat

      ...how Labour lost is why. Mr Miliband had the wrong diagnosis for the...for their interests. With Mr Miliband, they were less sure. Labour...where it went astray under Mr Miliband. There is little sign, as...price for housing policy / From David Boorer Blair’s electoral...

    7. May 15, 2015

      English cricket may favour an Aussie over a South African

      ...fired their coach Peter Moores last week. Mr Moores, the David Moyes of cricket, has had two reigns, totalling two...snakepit, with the tabloid press, short of a villain now Ed Miliband has gone, breathing down his neck in an Ashes series in which...Matthew Engel

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