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    1. 19 hours ago

      Commons refit could cost £3bn, says Speaker

      ...minister’s questions to address the “currently embarrassing character” of the weekly tussle between David Cameron and Ed Miliband. Mr Bercow said the public disapproved of “the decibel level and orchestrated barracking” and said MPs...George Parker

    2. March 2, 2015

      David Cameron pledges 200,000 cut-price starter homes

      David Cameron will try to woo younger voters on Monday by pledging that a future...council-housebuilding programme to address a serious shortage in supply. Ed Miliband has also promised to make rents fairer by introducing laws for three-year...Elizabeth Rigby, Deputy Political Editor

    3. March 1, 2015

      DUP links post-election deal to protecting UK defence budget

      ...weeks. The party’s position will pile further pressure on David Cameron, who is already being pressed by senior MPs...for both Labour and Tory leaders: neither Mr Cameron nor Ed Miliband have committed to maintaining the Nato target on defence spending...Elizabeth Rigby, Deputy Political Editor

    1. March 1, 2015

      Vince Cable to steer opposition to third runway at Heathrow

      ...election. In 2010 Labour backed the expansion of Heathrow but Ed Miliband, energy secretary at the time, nearly resigned over the...about the project. The Tories were against the project but David Cameron, prime minister, has privately changed his mind since...Jim Pickard and Peggy Hollinger

    2. February 27, 2015

      Labour edges ahead in election outcome predictor

      ...Conservatives’ 46 per cent. However, this translates into a 74 per cent chance of Ed Miliband being prime minister and a 26 per cent chance for David Cameron. The margins between success and failure are extremely tight. At a little over...Commentary by Rick Nye, managing director of Populus

    3. February 26, 2015

      Fight or flight will be the UK’s choice on defence

      ...gross domestic product, a Nato benchmark to which Britain has long been committed. This is not something David Cameron and Ed Miliband should be prepared to contemplate. There have been several warnings recently of how Britain is losing its...

    4. February 26, 2015

      British exit from EU given one in six chance

      ...business group, are a clear message to David Cameron about the risks of his proposed...likely than Open Europe suggests. Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, told the EEF’s...group will say on Thursday in a warning to David Cameron. Continue reading Raoul Ruparel...Jim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

    5. February 26, 2015

      Tories set to benefit from voter registration change

      ...to address the march of the populists Further reading “Ed Miliband warned weeks ago that nearly 1m voters had disappeared off the...the young has declined and the old have become better off. David Cameron promised on Monday to maintain universal benefits for...Gavin Jackson

    6. February 26, 2015

      Influential UK business group EEF warns Cameron on EU referendum

      ...group will say on Thursday in a warning to David Cameron. The remarks by Martin Temple...look small and blame-driven.” Ed Miliband was criticised this month for not...Hancock, business minister, instead. Mr Miliband will say that Mr Temple is right to warn...Jim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

    7. February 25, 2015

      Thatcher’s boy William Hague bows out with warning on defence

      ...deal with new threats. Prime Minister David Cameron is under pressure from senior MPs to continue...Does he not have any sympathy for Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, over the way he is treated...to have a situation as favourable as Ed Miliband started out with.” But what about the...George Parker and Kiran Stacey

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