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    1. Nick Butler

      April 3, 2015

      Oil prices — where next, after the Iran deal?

      ...Emirates and Kuwait could between them take 1m barrels a day off the market. As part of a managed process, they could draw Iraq back into the Opec fold, and even engage Iran in discussions on quotas. Neither has an interest in seeing prices fall further...Nick Butler

    2. Nick Butler

      March 2, 2015

      New lines in the sand - who will win as the borders of the Middle East are redrawn?

      ...That process has started in northern Iraq and won’t stop there. The redrawing...wishes to encourage the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, known as Isis, to leave...to the restoration of the old order in Iraq. From a long discussion in London last...Nick Butler

    3. Nick Butler

      February 22, 2015

      Don't abandon the North Sea

      ...stay at current levels have to believe that all the key producing and exporting nations – including Nigeria, Libya, Iran and Iraq – will enjoy a degree of stability which has eluded them for the last several decades. With that prospect in mind closing...Nick Butler

    1. Nick Butler

      February 1, 2015

      The dangerous tragedy of Nigeria

      ...market is stable. Because of the situation in countries which should be the key sources of supply — including Libya, Iran and Iraq as well as Nigeria — the risks of major volatility and disruption are greater than ever.Nick Butler

    2. January 21, 2015

      Cameron frustrated by delayed Chilcot inquiry into Iraq war

      ...happening. I voted for the Iraq war and I now feel that I was led up the...official examination of the Iraq war: in 2003-2004 there...the invasion. In 2004 Lord Butler began an inquiry into the way...government used intelligence on Iraq ahead of the invasion. The...Jim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

    3. December 26, 2014

      Why conversation is enduring a very bad time

      ...full of passionate intensity”, as the Irish poet William Butler Yeats put it. They are also, to use his well-chosen characterisation...involved those debasers of discourse from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or Isis as the group is known. They found...Gary Silverman

    4. Nick Butler

      December 7, 2014

      A passage to India — Putin goes to New Delhi

      ...Brazil to Cyprus, Mozambique and Tanzania — which have yet to come to market. Some suppliers, including Qatar and one day Iraq and Iran, should be capable of responding by keeping prices down thanks to low unit costs. Some can create their own version...Nick Butler

    5. November 23, 2014

      Commentary: Alliances with oil importing countries will give competitive edge

      ...supplies – especially in areas such as Iraq – begins to work through. By contrast...There is Russia. With the Middle East and Iraq in particular looking too dangerous to...competitive contest of the 21st century. Nick Butler is a visiting professor at Kings College...Nick Butler

    6. September 8, 2014

      Why investors are ignoring war, terror and turmoil

      ...oil production of Saudi Arabia or the Gulf states. Nick Butler The problem, for companies and for investors, is that...prices are falling, despite geopolitical risks in Ukraine, Iraq and Libya Finally, Russia has not yet made serious threats...By Gideon Rachman

    7. Nick Butler

      September 8, 2014

      Back to basics for the energy sector

      ...a 14-month low.] Natural gas and coal prices are also down. Those falls come despite: — serious civil conflict in Iraq and Libya — the continuing tension in Ukraine — the persistence of sanctions against Iran — and the continued relatively...Nick Butler

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