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    1. June 26, 2015

      The FT’s Summer books 2015

      ...workings of the British establishment. Gideon Rachman History The Fortunes of Francis...makes this book a delight. . . . Five Quarters: Recipes and Notes...superb narrative about the plants, events, people and studies that form the...

    2. The World

      December 31, 2014

      The five most significant events of 2014

      ...is to make a list of the five most significant events of the past year in global...one of the geopolitical events of the year. My fourth and fifth events will sound contradictory...Barack Obama. And number five is the IMF’s announcement...Gideon Rachman

    3. November 28, 2014

      Best books of 2014

      Publishers have their faults but they do not forget anniversaries. This year in books, accordingly, was always going to haveLorien Kite

    1. July 23, 2014

      MH17 crash: Information war poses dilemma for US intelligence community

      Five days after Flight MH17 crashed into a wheat...ministry to discredit the US version of events and create confusion about what caused the...Neil Buckley, east Europe editor, join Gideon Rachman. In another claim in the same briefing...By Geoff Dyer in Washington and Sam Jones in London

    2. June 27, 2014

      The FT’s Summer books 2014

      ...paternalism. Gideon Rachman...Five Came Back: A...account of how five exemplary film-makers...got it. Those events might not have...of stories and five years since her...together the events leading to his...

    3. The World

      February 19, 2014

      The West's policy goals in Ukraine

      ...will want to demonstrate that it regards events in Kiev as unacceptable. End the violence...incompatible. Most obviously — goals five and six are both important, but clearly at odds with each other. The events in Ukraine will push the EU into a more...Gideon Rachman

    4. The World

      December 29, 2013

      The five most important events of 2013

      ...what seem to me to be the five most significant events of the past twelve months...list of the most important events of the year. But was there...democracy. For that reason, events in Egypt, make my top-five for the third year running...Gideon Rachman

    5. December 4, 2013

      Kiev warns west Ukraine they risk losing funding over protests

      ...caught between Russia and the EU. Gideon Rachman is joined by Neil Buckley and Peter...emerge from a second recession in five years, Kiev ran a deficit of $5...government buildings. “The dramatic events of past days clearly demonstrated...By Roman Olearchyk in Kiev

    6. beyondbrics

      December 3, 2013

      Ukraine: protests continue as Yanukovich flies to China

      ...December 3 Worries about the unfolding events in Ukraine sent the cost of insuring...default on government debt in the next five years reached more than 1106 basis points...miscalculated in the struggle for Ukraine, Gideon Rachman, FT Ukraine CDS and yields spike...Jonathan Wheatley

    7. November 29, 2013

      Books of the Year

      ...responding flexibly to events. Double Down: The Explosive...region. Selections by Gideon Rachman . . . SCIENCE An Appetite for Wonder...imagined characters and events, and is narrated by an escaped slave boy...Iceland with a deaf-mute five-year-old boy in tow...

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