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    1. 3 hours ago

      Week in Review, May 30

      ...footage from those cameras is uploaded to the cloud, Google will use algorithms to stitch the sound and images into 360-degree, 3D films. This will allow the company to deliver the videos to users of its cardboard view er, a low-cost headset it laun ched...By

    2. 5 hours ago

      Celia Birtwell: ‘I was a rather naughty girl’

      ...to marry with his structured, brilliant shapes. From the outset, in 1965, I realised he had a real talent for constructing 3D forms and was an incredible pattern cutter. I know Yves Saint Laurent gets all the credit for creating the trouser suit but I...Lucie Muir

    3. 7 hours ago

      Cork rises to the top as a high-end design material

      ...pale appearance,” says Housley. “We’re also seeing 3D geometric patterns being cut into cork.” The Portuguese-born...such as wood, marble, cork, cut glass, anodised metals and 3D printing. It’s such an easy material to work with,” says...Emma Love

    1. May 28, 2015

      Google and GoPro team up to take virtual reality to mass market

      ...the sound and images into 360-degree, 3D films. This will allow the company to deliver...teams in the world focused on real-time 3D scene reconstruction”. Some companies...a wider range of videographers to shoot 3D clips. The camera and accompanying cloud...Tim Bradshaw in San Francisco

    2. Tech blog

      May 28, 2015

      What's next for Android? Google's I/O keynote - as it happened

      ...spherical video” setup that uses its cloud computing capabilities to stitch together 16 different camera feeds into a seamless, 3D experience. 7:44pm Tim Bradshaw Jump footage is going to be distributed through YouTube, coming out this summer. This...Tim Bradshaw

    3. May 28, 2015

      Fifa: Grand Theft Football

      ...your trouser pocket from three different camera angles. According to the blurb, EA put 200 high-class prostitutes through a 3D scanner to make the bar scenes more believable. Sponsors such as Coca-Cola and Visa are represented as two-dimensional and...Jonathan Guthrie

    4. May 26, 2015

      Procter & Gamble puts skin in 3D bioprinting game

      Forget 3D printing of cheap plastic figurines and toys...become the latest household name to explore 3D bioprinting, which could provide a quicker and...asking academics to submit research proposals on 3D bioprinting applications that would be relevant...Tanya Powley, Manufacturing Correspondent

    5. May 25, 2015

      Give Syria’s refugees cash and dignity, not food and blankets

      ...popcorn, drinks and snacks. If my wife and son had joined us, it would have cost double that: $120 for a couple of hours of 3D superhero mayhem. But for a family of Syrian refugees in Jordan? That is the difference between having a home and living on...Khaled Hosseini

    6. May 22, 2015

      FT Masterclass: Sculpting with Jonty Hurwitz

      ...skin — he uses software and a digital pen to “sculpt” a 3D rotating image. Describing his digital tools, he says: “It feels...specialised bronzing process. First, he makes a model, often using 3D printing technology. This is waxed with a thick green substance...Sharlene Goff

    7. May 22, 2015

      Is it time to rethink our ideas about preserving world heritage?

      ...the Middle East and north Africa. Meanwhile, a California non-profit called CyArk is attempting precise, on-the-ground 3D laser surveying of 500 assorted global monuments, including the British Museum’s Assyrian panels. Combining these visual...Jonathan Foyle

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