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    1. March 20, 2015

      Budget 2015: What it means for your wealth

      ...announced 2011: The No Change Budget ● FirstBuy scheme to help those buying new...It has to be a really welcome change for a lot of people, particularly...In this low interest rate climate, the changes could potentially...platform, Zopa, was set up in 2005. But its growth has accelerated...FT Money reporters

    2. March 13, 2015

      The tea room in Yorkshire that planted 3m trees around the world

      ...has resisted; when in 2005 it opened a new tea...up to the Copenhagen climate change conference in 2009, with the...atmospheric consequences of climate change. UBoC has the support...professor of physical climate change at Leeds University and...Matthew Wilson

    3. March 6, 2015

      Literary Life: Kazuo Ishiguro interview

      ...wrong with it? What should I change?’ She said: ‘You can’t change anything. You’ll...confident. With Never Let Me Go [2005] I thought, God...that more were it not for the climate set by a younger generation...Lorien Kite

    1. March 3, 2015

      The riches and perils of the fossil-fuel age

      ...shift from being a net importer of 12m barrels a day of oil in 2005 to being a net exporter by 2035. Meanwhile, China...option. But neither is taking ever-bigger gambles with the climate. The right course has to lie in between. To put ourselves...Martin Wolf

    2. March 2, 2015

      Off-roaders reach new peaks as market shifts

      ...typified by the Ford Mondeo. Such sedan models have seen their market share in Europe dwindle from more than 11 per cent in 2005 to an estimated 5 per cent this year, according to IHS Automotive. Contrast that with the performance of SUVs in Europe over...Andy Sharman in Geneva

    3. January 30, 2015

      Chart that tells a story — travel costs

      ...their respective January 2005 benchmark — than rail season...January 2015 than in January 2005, according to figures...Department of Energy and Climate Change, stands at 109 pence...higher than their January 2005 levels. The cost of...Adam Palin

    4. January 30, 2015

      Lunch with the FT: Demis Hassabis

      ...pressing problems, from disease to climate change. Others warn of a grim Armageddon, with...education in the business world. In 2005, he returned to academia, aged 28...that will have made a profound change to society for good.” He is late...Murad Ahmed

    5. January 27, 2015

      Delivering on the Obama and Modi ‘bromance’

      ...s nuclear power industry. The point of the original 2005 deal between George W Bush and Manmohan Singh was to...do more to help India play a full role in the global climate change talks. The money he promised to help India’s solar...

    6. beyondbrics

      January 22, 2015

      Getting rid of fuel subsidies

      ...attention starting to focus on climate change talks in Paris later this year...exporters: Venezuela in 1989, Yemen in 2005, Cameroon in 2008, Bolivia in...those subsidy cuts shows the risks of change. Waves of protests have swept several...Alan Beattie

    7. January 14, 2015

      Obama plans methane emissions crackdown

      ...being more harmful to the climate than coal. David Doniger of the...working to shore up its climate action framework ahead...signing a landmark climate change deal with China in November...26-28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2025.Ed Crooks in New York and Megan Murphy in Washington

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