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    1. 22 hours ago

      The ‘age of abundance’ in oil and gas poses fresh dilemmas for companies

      ...fuel consumption next year, down from 60 per cent in 2005. As the new US liquefied natural gas (LNG) export...Unless there is a concerted effort to tackle the threat of climate change, most of that additional energy demand will be for fossil...Ed Crooks

    2. November 14, 2014

      US pledges $3bn to climate change fund for poor countries

      ...aftermath of extreme climate events, needing more costly...pointing to $2bn in climate funding pledged in 2008...up to 28 per cent from 2005 levels by 2025 drew...US contribution to the climate fund will take, nor...said. In depth Climate change The latest news and analysis...Pilita Clark, Environment Correspondent

    3. November 12, 2014

      Xi and Obama revive hopes on climate

      ...unexpected life into the Paris climate change talks. By unveiling clear pledges...emissions to almost a fifth below its 2005 level by the end of this decade...Jonas Nycander Historic pledge on climate change is the result of deep commitment...

    1. November 12, 2014

      Q&A: the US-China plan on climate change

      ...how they plan to combat climate change. China has for the first...in 2025 than it did in 2005. Q: How significant...talks intensify on a new climate treaty due to be signed...to stop irreversible climate change? That is unclear. The...Pilita Clark, Environment Correspondent

    2. November 12, 2014

      China and US deal to curb emissions draws mixed response

      ...that sealing a global climate treaty next year still faces...this,” said the UK climate change secretary, Ed Davey...in 2025 than it did in 2005. Mr Davey, who led a...enough to stem risky climate change. The reaction to the move...Pilita Clark in London and Richard McGregor in Washington

    3. October 31, 2014

      Artificial intelligence: machine v man

      ...pace of technological change, it wouldn’t be long before...Guide to the Galaxy (2005, Garth Jennings...much time thinking about climate change, way too little thinking...pace of technological change. Standing before an audience...Richard Waters

    4. October 30, 2014

      Court rules Sistema must return Bashneft stake to Russia

      ...fresh blow to Russia’s investment climate, raising concerns that the state may...laundering probe into the company’s 2005-09 acquisition of Bashneft. Ten...Allies of Mr Yevtushenkov blame the change in attitude and ensuing investigations...Courtney Weaver in Moscow

    5. October 26, 2014

      Trustees of the non-financial revolution

      ...breaches of safety laws at Grangemouth in 2000, the 2005 Texas City refinery explosion, the subsequent Alaska...beyond volatility and tracking error to such things as climate change. So while the concept of fiduciary obligation may be...John Plender

    6. beyondbrics

      October 10, 2014

      Guest post: how Latin America is making the case for green growth

      ...up to host UN climate change talks in December, global...common ground in global climate talks has not been easy and...others. This group rejects climate change mitigation commitments...million dollars of GDP in 2005. The region has also...guest writer

    7. October 10, 2014

      Australia hit by China coal tariff move

      ...with Beijing a political priority as he strives to put Asia at the centre of his administration. Talks on an agreement began in 2005 and involve 11,000 tariff lines. Mr Abbott has previously targeted a deal by year-end and possibly as early as next month...By Jamie Smyth in Sydney

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