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    The Inventory: Terry Gilliam

    Terry Gilliam, 73, one of the original members of the Monty Python comedy group, has directed films including Brazil (1985)Hester Lacey

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    Christian Gerhaher, Wigmore Hall, London — review

    Many singers come to song recitals through singing in opera and find themselves enjoying the opportunity to bask in the soloRichard Fairman

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    #Words of the year

    One day in September 2002, someone posted a photograph of his mouth on an Australian online forum. He wrote: “Um, drunk at aSimon Kuper

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    Douglas Coupland: Worcestershistershire

    Last December in Chile I stayed with friends in the wine region south of Santiago. After a few days, I noticed that foodDouglas Coupland

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    London on your bike

    London: The Information Capital forces us to look at the UK’s capital in new and unexpected ways. The book presents a city

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    The business of being Ed Sheeran

    My goal is to have the Christmas number one album,” says Ed Sheeran. “I’m going to do it. I’m going to make sure it happens.Craig McLean

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    Year of man vs machine for hedge funds

    Critics, as Oscar Wilde once remarked, know the price of everything and the value of nothing. This year, investors who prideMiles Johnson and Stephen Foley

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    FT Seasonal Appeal: how refugees helped by the International Rescue Committee rebuild their lives in the US

    There is something reassuring about Parkview Gardens Apartments, with its sturdy red-brick buildings, neat carparks andChristine Spolar

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    Fosun raises bid for Club Med to €939m

    Fosun International has raised its bid for Club Méditerranée, offering €24.60 per share for the French holiday group andAdam Thomson in Paris

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    Hong Kong clears banks in forex rigging probe

    Two Hong Kong traders tried to influence the region’s currencies and several more sent “indiscreet” messages about clientJennifer Hughes in Hong Kong

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  1. John Authers reports from New York after the markets close
    December 19, 2014

    John Authers reports from New York after the markets close

  2. John Authers on the rouble, the dollar, oil prices and the Fed
    December 19, 2014

    John Authers on the rouble, the dollar, oil prices and ...

  3. Experts forecast oil price rise in 2015
    December 18, 2014

    Experts forecast oil price rise in 2015