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    Swiss private banks fight for survival

    The sudden appreciation of the Swiss franc has intensified pressure on Switzerland’s private banks, raising the prospect ofMadison Marriage and Chris Newlands

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    PwC: Exchange traded fund assets will double to $5tn by 2020

    Exchange traded fund assets will double to $5tn by 2020, according to a detailed study by PwC, far outstripping the assetChris Newlands

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    M&G’s Recovery fund turns ‘hefty’

    M&G Investments’ high-profile Recovery fund, which was downgraded last week by Morningstar, now has more than a third of itsSteve Johnson

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    Eurozone’s ‘big bazooka’ could be peashooter

    Mario Draghi’s “big bazooka” could prove to be little more than a peashooter unless institutions such as pension funds andSteve Johnson

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    Fidelity caught out by China and Brazil rally

    Nick Price, Fidelity’s emerging markets fund manager, has been caught out by his decision to hold only a small position inKathleen Gallagher

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    Lenin’s despised gold becomes the ultimate hedge

    Lenin, the implacable Russian revolutionary, despised gold. He thought it should be used to build public lavatories. I wasJohn Plender

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    Seema Hingorani: ‘He asked me if I was crazy — I said yes’

    Seema Hingorani, chief investment officer of the five New York City pension funds until June last year, is the first FTfmMadison Marriage

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    Active share revealed to have feet of clay

    Cheerleaders for active fund management have been given succour by the recent upsurge in the “active share” versus “closetSteve Johnson

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    Private equity: the definition of an opaque asset class

    At a private equity conference years ago, I sat beside a couple of trustees from a small pension fund. Nice men, highlySophia Grene

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    US high-yield bonds running on empty

    Almost four-fifths of active fund managers in the US high-yield bond market failed to beat the benchmark last year, as theChris Flood and Chris Newlands

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