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    Biotech group Cellectis in takeover talks with Pfizer

    Cellectis, the French biotech company, is in talks about its potential sale with Pfizer of the US considered to be among theBryce Elder, Arash Massoudi and Andrew Ward in London and David Crow in Chicago

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    Bank middle management is regulatory ‘blind spot’, says Wheatley

    Thousands of middle managers at UK banks fall into a regulatory “blind spot” that threatens to hinder cultural reform, theEmma Dunkley

  3. The FT’s Mexico correspondent Jude Webber meets farmers in th...
    May 28, 2015



    Risky life of Mexican poppy farmers

    The FT’s Mexico correspondent Jude Webber meets farmers in the mountains of Guerrero and hears why some are still farming3m 12secs

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    Nigerian Adesina wins race to run African Development Bank

    Nigeria’s long quest to take charge of the African Development bank was finally rewarded on Thursday when Akinwumi Adesina,By William Wallis and Maggie Fick in London

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    The battle of Brazil’s budget is far from won

    It has been a big week in the battle of Brazil’s budget. Three strategically important cost-cutting measures were approvedJonathan Wheatley

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    France’s Ségolène Royal lambasts slow pace of climate talks

    Ségolène Royal, France’s environment minister, has criticised the sluggish pace of UN climate negotiations, saying they arePilita Clark in London

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    LNG trading set for global transformation

    When the first US export shipment of liquefied natural gas leaves the US Gulf Coast later this year, gas trading will fulfilDavid Sheppard and Anjli Raval

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    Google and GoPro team up to take virtual reality to mass market

    Google has teamed up with GoPro to make its first big push into virtual reality, in the hope of turning the technology intoTim Bradshaw in San Francisco

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    Poppies a hard habit to break in Mexico

    “They got us in the field,” says José, matter-of-factly. For some who sow poppies in the Mexican mountains, the risk is notBy Jude Webber in the municipality of Leonardo Bravo

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    Avago/Broadcom: celebrations too early

    If today’s bull market has a motto it is surely that bigger is better. Every new megadeal — and there have been a few —

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