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  1. NEW


    Why the Scottish nationalists cannot call the shots

    Britain is set to wake up on a May 8 as a helpless hostage in the custody of a few dozen Scottish Nationalists. So say DavidPhilip Stephens

  2. Off Message



    Scotland's fiscal cliff

    Beyond the immediate political battles being fought by the Labour party against the Scottish National party, and theJohn McDermott

  3. NEW


    Anger as Greek councils ordered to hand over spare money

    Greek mayors reacted angrily on Tuesday to the Syriza-led government’s demand they hand over their cash reserves immediatelyKerin Hope in Athens

  1. Westminster Blog



    Last minute dash to register to vote

    Nearly half a million people on Monday took advantage of their last chance to get on the electoral register before theGavin Jackson

  2. NEW


    Emmanuel Macron chooses realism over romance

    France’s economy minister has admitted that the country is uncompetitive as a base for global companies and can no longerAnne-Sylvaine Chassany and Michael Stothard in Paris

  3. FT Photo Diary



    Guarding Morsi

    Egyptian policemen secure Egypt’s national police academy, where on Tuesday an Egyptian criminal court sentenced oustedJamie Han

  4. NEW


    Asia Resource Minerals postpones vote on emergency refinancing

    Asia Resource Minerals, the Indonesian coal mining group cofounded by Nat Rothschild, has called off a crucial shareholderMichael Kavanagh

  5. NEW


    Israel’s Teva offers $40.1bn for US drugmaker Mylan

    Teva, the largest generic drugmaker in the world, has set the stage for the biggest hostile takeover battle of the year byDavid Crow, James Fontanella-Khan and Richard Blackden in New York, and John Reed in Jerusalem

  6. NEW


    Cuts in military spending hit Lockheed Martin

    Waning US military spending hit Lockheed Martin, the world’s biggest military contractor by sales, in the first quarter asRobert Wright in New York

  7. NEW


    Lazard: next man up

    Replacing a legend is never easy. It is especially tough when the legend departs during a crisis. In the midst of the 2009

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