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    Daily Mail and General trust sees newspaper profitability rise

    Daily Mail and General Trust has reported improved profitability at its newspaper division as it seeks to steady investorBy Henry Mance

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    Thomas Cook CEO steps down

    Thomas Cook chief executive Harriet Green has resigned, as the travel operator reported a fall in revenues, improved marginsKadhim Shubber

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    Elsewhere on Wednesday, - The story of the first painting to sell for over £1m. Simpler times. - The day I lost a sh*t-tonDavid Keohane

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    China ‘fines’ Microsoft $140m for tax evasion

    Microsoft’s fortunes in China have been dented after the Chinese government charged it $140m in back taxes and interest in aCharles Clover in Beijing

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    China accuses west of obstructing graft sweep

    China’s efforts to hunt down corrupt officials overseas are being hampered by prejudiced western judges, according to aTom Mitchell in Beijing

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    Ferguson residents slam violent protests

    Ferguson residents expressed their anger after a night of rioting and looting over the grad jury's decision not to indict a1m 17secs

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    Fed’s game of pretend must end soon

    The Duchess of Windsor whimsically remarked that you could never be too rich or too thin. Modern central bankers haveTad Rivelle

  5. 3 hours ago

    Student leaders arrested as Hong Kong police clear protest site

    Hong Kong clears protest site in Mongkok Hong Kong police have detained several student leaders after 24 hours of clashes,Demetri Sevastopulo and Julie Zhu in Hong Kong

  6. Off Message

    4 hours ago

    Scotland: the Basque Country of the United Kingdom

    Since Scots voted against independence on September 18 the Scottish National party has surged in opinion polls and appointedJohn McDermott

  7. 4 hours ago

    Samsung to sell chemicals and defence stakes

    Samsung Group has agreed to sell most of its chemicals and defence operations to Hanwha for Won1.9tn ($1.7bn), in the latestSong Jung-a in Seoul 

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