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    Mongolia seeks to annul $100m Khan Resources claim

    Mongolia’s justice ministry said it would seek to invalidate a $100m arbitration claim by Canada-listed Khan Resources,Lucy Hornby

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    China seeks united front in reactor export push

    China’s domestic nuclear rivalries are spilling overseas as state-owned rivals jostle to promote their reactor designsLucy Hornby

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    Satellite industry aims smaller and lower

    Satellite technology explainer The satellite exhibits at this month’s annual Space Symposium in Colorado Springs mostlyRobert Wright in Colorado Springs

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    Funds flow wrong way for Aberdeen Asset Management

    One of Europe’s worst performing investment groups in 2014. More than £25bn in lost business since the second quarter ofDavid Oakley, Investment Correspondent

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    Hyundai looks to placate investors with shareholder rights body

    Hyundai Motor has bowed to foreign investors’ requests for it to establish a board-level committee protecting outsideSimon Mundy in Seoul

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    Emerging nations will demand a say over who becomes next UN Secretary General

    With a decision due next year, the process of choosing the next United Nations Secretary General is already under wayDavid Clark, the Russia Foundation

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    Nicola Sturgeon says SNP would benefit ‘many other parts of UK’

    A strong turnout for the Scottish National party at next week’s general election would benefit voters across the UK, NicolaClaer Barrett

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    Record-setting Nasdaq assumes leadership role

    Having reclaimed record territory after an absence of 15 years, the US Nasdaq Composite has assumed a leadership role, andNicole Bullock

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    Department of Justice scuppers $30bn semiconductor merger

    The proposed merger of Tokyo Electron and Applied Materials into a $30bn semiconductor equipment giant has collapsed due toRobin Harding in Tokyo and Arash Massoudi in London

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    Atlas Mara to extend reach into Rwandan banking

    Atlas Mara, the Africa-focused financial services vehicle spearheaded by former Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond, isJohn Aglionby

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