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    UK’s universal credit benefit faces more delay

    The UK’s flagship welfare programme faces more delays, with the National Audit Office warning that the universal credit’sSarah Neville, Public Policy Editor

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    A negotiated settlement with Russia is the only option

    Sir, I agree with much of what Sir Tony Brenton (Letters, November 25) and John Thornhill (Comment, November 24) say about

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    Time to take a firm stand on the economic rescue of Ukraine

    Sir, Exploring ways to solve the Ukrainian crisis through compromise is useful, but some of John Thornhill’s suggestions in

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    Adam Smith’s easy, happy method of explaining

    Sir, Readers of the FT might like to know that contemporaries of “the grandfather of economics” found his discourse on

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    Boris for US president? It’s not impossible . . . 

    Sir, As a fellow joint US-UK taxpayer, I am glad Boris Johnson has highlighted some of the challenges this small group

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    Politics should not be part of Google investigation

    Sir, In his Tech Blog “Can the EU break up Google?” (November 23), Henry Mance explains how the European parliament is

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    My money’s on the clock

    Sir, The front page of your Special Report “The future of the car” (November 21) had a half-page advertisement for a new

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    Expansion of family-office industry leads to blurring of distinctions

    Here’s a question: what is a family office anyway? There was a time, long ago, when the answer was pretty straightforward: aJeremy Hazlehurst

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    Investors prefer to have more control

    The big news in the fast-changing family office sector has been a merger of Stonehage and Fleming Family & Partners,Yuri Bender

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    Multiple-client deals at a premium but one size does not fit all

    Direct deals have been in vogue for many families ever since 2008, when they realised that handing over money to banks toJeremy Hazlehurst

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