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    Action is replacing talk in UK manufacturing drive

    On one side of Jaguar Land Rover’s 300-acre plant in Halewood, a giant mechanical press crashes down on to a sheet of steel,Peggy Hollinger, Industry Editor

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    Vanguard tops survey with $291bn in new business

    Vanguard was the world’s most popular investment group last year as it attracted more new business than any other assetDavid Oakley, Investment Correspondent

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    Frustrated Unilever investors call for shake-up

    Unilever should sell its underperforming Flora margarines business and buy more personal care companies, according to anScheherazade Daneshkhu, Consumer Industries Editor

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    Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman clashes with UK over North Sea plan

    ...monitored by a separate entity, which would be a private foundation registered in the Netherlands. The Netherlands foundatio n would assume full control of Dea’s North Sea business if sanctions were imposed on Luxembourg-based L1 or its owner...Christopher Adams, energy editor

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    The right balance of banking regulation is still some way off

    Having feasted on the opiate of “light-touch” regulation before the financial crisis, Britain is now experiencing aJonathan Ford

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    How the Kremlin benefits from Boris Nemtsov’s death

    I t is hard to write about Boris Nemtsov’s assassination in analytical terms. Even though Nemtsov held a PhD in physics, heSergei Guriev

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    Thousands march in memory of Nemtsov

    Slideshow: Muscovites march in Nemstov’s memory Thousands of people marched through the centre of Moscow on Sunday in memoryKathrin Hille in Moscow and Guy Chazan in London

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    Weir Group on oil and the economy

    Weir Group makes valves and pumping equipment for some of the biggest miners and oil and gas companies. Tanya Powley,6m 44secs

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    Vietnam opens door to hard money and soft power

    The tale of a Vietnamese transgender entrepreneur’s adventures has become the country’s biggest film hit — and sparkedMichael Peel in Bangkok, Kana Inagaki in Tokyo and Simon Mundy in Seoul

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    Tactic of losing games can be winning strategy in US basketball

    Unlike European football leagues, the major US sports employ schemes that give teams with poorer records higher selectionsAaron Stanley

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