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    Tax havens linked to London property

    The secrecy surrounding foreign owners of high-value London properties has long given rise to suspicions of hiddenAliya Ram

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    Eurostar sale raises £757m for Treasury

    The Treasury has sold its 40 per cent stake in the Eurostar cross-Channel train service for £585m, almost twice the sumGeorge Parker, Gill Plimmer and David Oakley

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    Business seeks Budget boost for medium-sized companies

    George Osborne should focus on boosting medium-sized businesses in his final Budget before the general election, accordingSarah Gordon, Business editor

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    Business and the Budget: the wishlist

    Institute of Directors With two weeks to go until the Budget, the Institute of Directors is asking the chancellor to freezeAliya Ram

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    Living standards set to bounce back to pre-recession levels

    Living standards in Britain will finally return to pre-recession levels this year as workers benefit from improvements inFerdinando Giugliano, Economics Correspondent

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    Netanyahu's historic US speech

    Geoff Dyer reports from Washington after Israel's prime minster, Benjamin Netanyahu, issued an extraordinary warning about2m 47secs

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    Vote averts homeland security shutdown

    US Republican leaders have ended a crisis that exposed splits in their party by turning to Democrats to help pass a bill toBarney Jopson in Washington

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    Nato presence no threat to Russians at home

    Sir, Much has been written depicting Vladimir Putin as a psychopath. Such personalities are described as outwardly urbane

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    The implementation of reforms is the big problem for France

    Sir, With reference to “France and Italy granted reprieve for breaching budget limits” (February 26): last Wednesday, the

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    Percentage of GDP is a strange benchmark for a defence budget

    Sir, The 2 per cent of GDP Nato benchmark to which you refer in your editorial “Fight or flight will be the UK’s choice on

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