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    ECB vice-president attacks supply side view of eurozone woes

    The ECB vice-president has launched a staunch defence of the central banks’s quantitative easing programme, sayingFerdinando Giugliano in Cambridge

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    Sergio Mattarella: enemy of the Mafia and champion of the law

    Sergio Mattarella, the 73-year old Sicilian judge chosen to be Italy’s new head of state, had few political ambitions earlyGiulia Segreti and James Politi — Rome

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    Sergio Mattarella to be Italy’s next president

    Sergio Mattarella, a Sicilian judge, has been chosen to be Italy’s next president, in an overwhelming display of politicalJames Politi and Giulia Segreti — Rome

  1. 8 hours ago

    New year, new trends?

    January saw the rest of the world begin to outperform the US, and it even saw signs of life in the oil market - but bond3m 26secs

  2. 14 hours ago

    Best of Lex: Take off your shades to peer behind blinding numbers

    Readers It has been a week to be blinded by the big numbers. Apple produced the largest quarterly profit in corporateOliver Ralph

  3. 14 hours ago

    Time’s run out for doctrine of endless growth

    Sir, Janan Ganesh (“Greens contemplate life beyond the fringe”, January 24) dismisses the Green Party as hippy eccentrics

  4. 15 hours ago

    We should welcome demise of corporation as organising force

    Sir, Electronic markets that “supplant companies as the organising force behind economic exchange” may create a “social

  5. 15 hours ago

    The potential security of home manufacture

    Sir, Perhaps because his frame of reference is limited to the past 250 years, Yochai Benkler (Comment, January 24) overlooks

  6. 15 hours ago

    Paying to read Prof Benkler’s ideas

    Sir, Although Yochai Benkler’s ideas about the “death of the company” are freely available online, I still paid £3 via

  7. 15 hours ago

    London families sharing homes may be forced to sell up by mansion tax

    Sir, Your report “Rising house prices swell number of households containing two or more families” (January 29) highlights

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