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    Sun reporter Clodagh Hartley cleared over Budget leak

    A former Sun journalist alleged to have paid £17,000 to a corrupt tax office official for leaked tips, including advancedJane Croft

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    George Osborne to give more powers to Leeds and Sheffield

    George Osborne is expected to use next week’s Autumn Statement to give more control of spending on transport, housebuildingJim Pickard and Andrew Bounds

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    Greek bond yields act as eurozone ‘fear gauge’

    Greek government bonds – which frequently flag trouble ahead in Europe – are twitching again. Yields on 10-year Greek debt,Ralph Atkins

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    Spot spin-off candidates to profit from activist activities

    Activists are back, leaving a trail of capital gains in their wake. According to Activist Insight, which tracks the sector,John Authers

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    Ukraine fears heighten on fragile ceasefire

    Fears that Ukraine’s fragile ceasefire with Russian-backed separatists is nearing an end have reignited fears for theElaine Moore in London and Roman Olearchyk in Kiev

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    Smith to recommend big transfer of power to Scots

    Lord Smith of Kelvin will unveil plans on Thursday for the biggest transfer of power to Scotland since the creation of theKiran Stacey, Political Correspondent

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    Brazil's budget law: wiping the slate clean?

    It was close, but they didn’t make it. The political fixers of Brazil’s government had hoped to push through a bill onJonathan Wheatley

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    Qinetiq falls on worries over chief’s exit

    Qinetiq was a casualty on Wednesday on growing fears that its chief executive was picking the ideal time to exit. Leo QuinnBryce Elder

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    Scotland’s huntin’ and shootin’ landowners under fire

    Scotland’s new first minister has taken aim at big landowners, calling for the power to intervene if they stand in the wayMure Dickie in Edinburgh

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    Oil price slump sparks concern

    Energy companies have borrowed heavily in recent years. Now, with the price of crude slipping to $74 a barrel, analysts and4m 55secs

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