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    MBA by numbers: The gender salary divide

    An MBA is often seen as the fastest route for women to get a seat on the corporate board, but salary data collected by theLaurent Ortmans

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    Female students challenge myths

    Many women continue to struggle with the decision to attend business school, fearing the cost, the commitment and theJulia Yoo and Emily Feldman

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    Women in Business — Heather Dix, PhD

    Heather Dix studied for an MBA and PhD in leadership behaviour at the University of Glamorgan. She is now director ofCharlotte Clarke

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    Campus life sparks start-up enthusiasm

    At the end of possibly the most modest office tour — a single room in a 1970s office block overlooking London’s Old Street

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    NXP and Freescale to create $40bn group

    NXP Semiconductors, the world’s leading producer of chips used in debit and credit cards, is set to acquire smaller rivalJames Fontanella-Khan in New York and Arash Massoudi in London

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    CEBR head steps aside after crack cocaine allegations

    The head of the Centre for Economic and Business Research, one of the UK’s best known economic think-tanks, has taken a

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    Danny Alexander calls for extra £1bn levy on UK banks

    Danny Alexander is pressing George Osborne to introduce a £1bn annual levy on banks in this month’s Budget to help eliminateElizabeth Rigby, Deputy Political Editor

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    Rebekah Brooks set for social media return to Murdoch empire

    Rebekah Brooks, the former tabloid editor who was cleared of all charges in Britain’s phone hacking scandal, is returning toMatthew Garrahan in New York

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    Stock markets: where have the good times gone?

    The Big Read: Bankers kept out of the bull run Nearly six years after it started, the bull market is in full swing, withJohn Authers, Michael Mackenzie and Laura Noonan

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    The Indian Queen, Coliseum, London — review

    Let us start with the back story. Like Purcell’s other “semi-operas”, The Indian Queen was really incidental music hitchedRichard Fairman

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