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    US regulator probes ETF pricing structures

    Extreme movements in the prices of bonds, commodities and other assets have prompted regulators at the Federal Reserve BankTracy Alloway in New York

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    On Cuba, both right and left are right and wrong

    For a long time I kept my views on US policy towards Cuba secret from my family. My parents were both born on the island,

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    Feedback: If small is the future . . .

    Luke Johnson hailed the dynamism of small and new companies in his column last week, and said he hoped the dominance of

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    Scheduling time at work to ‘think’ is a brainless idea

    How much of their time should managers spend thinking? Tim Armstrong believes the correct answer is 10 per cent — and hasLucy Kellaway

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    Law firm partner and hands-on mother? Do the split shift

    A 4.45am weekday start has become the norm for Jenny Afia, a partner at law firm Schillings. She works what has been dubbedEmma De Vita

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    Jeremy Helsby, Savills CEO: beyond the tweeds and Labrador

    When 33-year-old Jeremy Helsby returned to London in 1988, it was not a happy occasion. He had been sent out to WashingtonKate Allen

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    Grim year for UK profit warnings

    This year has been the worst for profit warnings from the UK’s largest listed companies since the depths of the financialAlison Smith, Chief Corporate Correspondent

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    Force foreign graduates to leave UK, May proposes

    Students from outside the EU will be forced to leave the UK after their course finishes under plans being promoted byKiran Stacey, Political Correspondent

  6. Nick Butler



    Forget Opec - sex and technology shape the oil market now

    Forget Opec. If cartels can’t control output, they can’t control prices and in due course they fall apart, usually with aNick Butler

  7. 4 hours ago

    Saudi Arabia and UAE blame non-Opec producers for oil price slide

    The oil ministers of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have blamed the oil price rout on producers outside of OpecAnjli Raval, Oil and Gas Correspondent

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