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    Japan could have told Germany a thing or two about reforms

    Sir, Martin Wolf argues (“Reform alone is no solution for the eurozone”, October 22) that Germany demonstrates that reform

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    Emotional partner’s plea to remember good times

    Sir, Antonio Muñoz Molina tries to persuade Catalans not to choose independence from Spain by emphasising how much they have

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    Colonialism, culture and the Catalan language

    Sir, In his article “Catalans have as much in common with the Spanish as with each other”, October 16), Antonio Muñoz Molina

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    Other EU countries share Britain’s concern

    Sir, Is the FT right to say (editorial, October 21) that “the sanctity of freedom of movement” – ie unrestricted immigration

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    Fight for iPhone users hurts AT&T

    AT&T on Wednesday lowered its revenue outlook for the year amid a bitter price war for iPhone users and lacklustre take-upDavid Crow in New York

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    Non-EU citizens face complex job constraints

    Sir, As a Brit working in Brussels I am one of many UK citizens who benefit from the EU Treaty provisions on the free

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    Bush Sr declared the Decade of the Brain

    Sir, Barack Obama isn’t the first US president to launch a blockbuster science project to unravel the secrets of the human

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    How To Exchange It

    Sir, As you no longer list the Ugandan shilling and the Icelandic króna in your Monday edition, perhaps they could be listed

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    Russia faces a decline like that of the Brezhnev era

    Sir, Sergei Guriev, in “Russia cannot withstand lower oil prices forever” (October 20) cogently points out that, while the

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    Pier and wreck of warship join English Heritage’s ‘at risk’ list

    In November 1706, the 54-gun warship Hazardous was nearing the British coast after a stormy transatlantic voyage fromBarney Thompson

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