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    DMGT suffers further software headaches

    Daily Mail and General Trust will write down the value of its flagship risk management software by £85m, after announcing By Henry Mance

  2. FT Tech Hub



    Size matters to iPhone 6 reviewers

    Don’t let anyone tell you that size doesn’t matter. The first reviews are in for the latest iPhones and if there is one Tim Bradshaw

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    Stubb attacked for ‘Finlandisation’ policy

    Finland is on the verge of putting Russian interests before its own values in its foreign policy and returning to the days By Richard Milne, Nordic Correspondent

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    China SOE reform no fee bonanza for bankers

    China’s move to reform its state-owned enterprises has seen more than $50bn of assets change hands in just two deals that By Jennifer Hughes in Hong Kong

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    The battle for oil in ‘Africa’s last colony’

    When the drillship Atwood Achiever begins the search for oil off the coast of Western Sahara later this year, it will not By Javier Blas, Africa Editor

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    Scotland must choose between independence and the pound

    If Scotland votes Yes to independence the knee-jerk response in the markets is easy to predict: sell sterling, sell UK By Krishna Guha

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    Further reading

    Elsewhere on Wednesday, - Timothy Geithner’s revenge: A broken bond rating system. - The overpaid CEO. - “The trend seems to David Keohane

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    Asia leads ranks of new billionaires

    More billionaires were created in Asia than in any other part of the globe in the past 12 months, with the region accounting By Jeremy Grant in Singapore

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    China stimulus: is it or isn’t it?

    Pity Chinese policy makers. They must deal with an unbalanced economy in more ways than one. China’s population ranges from

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    Economic soufflé at risk of implosion

    The prospect of higher interest rates remains the bête noire of financial markets, judging by their recent performance. Weak By Jay Pelosky

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