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    FirstFT (the new 6am Cut)

    You can sign up to receive the email here. Oil topped $68 a barrel after falling to a five-year low near $45 in January.Amie Tsang

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    FDI to Russia slumps but Chinese investors step in as others pull back

    Geopolitical tensions, international sanctions and economic instability appear to have damaged Russia’s ability to attractCourtney Fingar

  3. NEW


    Investors must prepare for lower returns

    Equity markets are off to a strong start, especially outside the US. This is in large part thanks to the market’s beliefRichard Madigan

  1. NEW


    Troubles at sea test Thai junta's command

    Thailand’s ruling generals have dealt effectively with opposition to their near year-old takeover. But they are grapplingMichael Peel in Bangkok

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    UAE traders charged with ‘spoofing’ NY market

    Two traders in the United Arab Emirates have been charged with “spoofing” the New York gold and silver market after anGregory Meyer in New York

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    Asia bourses higher as oil rebounds

    Wednesday 04.15 BST. Asian markets edged up as investors brushed aside concerns that the US economy’s start to the year mayPeter Wells in Hong Kong

  4. 2 hours ago

    The rise of female entrepreneurs in Lebanon

    In Bachoura, a rundown quarter of central Beirut, a quiet revolution is gathering strength. From the balcony of a new officeMaya Jaggi

  5. 2 hours ago

    Will classics or computer science close the skills gap?

    Since Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt warned Britain in 2011 that it was “just throwing away its great computingSir Jonathan Evans and Kathryn Parsons

  6. 4 hours ago

    Republicans hail Congress budget plan

    The US Congress has approved a budget plan that includes a measure designed to help the Republican-controlled legislatureDemetri Sevastopulo in Washington

  7. 4 hours ago

    From correction to correction

    The ongoing correction in European bonds has triggered a sharp fall for European equities. John Authers reports on a global2m 55secs

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