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    Scotland ‘City of Yes’ is no pushover

    A day before Scotland votes on whether to become independent, Dundee looks like it is already holding a victory parade for By Kiran Stacey in Dundee

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    London Fashion Week round-up

    ...nipple, and long, sometimes see-through black dresses with strategically placed bondage straps. It was raunchy, rock’n’roll, and the first celebrity to wear it will send Twitter wild. The importance of digital was what British Fashion... By Carola Long

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    Playing the odds with Scottish vote

    Investigative journalists have been taught to follow the money since Watergate. When it comes to the Scottish referendum, By James Mackintosh

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    Vanguard mourns death of senior European executive

    Vanguard’s European head of institutional business, Simon Vanstone, who played a key role in the US asset manager’s By Chris Flood

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    Sulzer and Dresser-Rand in merger talks

    Sulzer, the Swiss maker of industrial pumps backed by Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg, is in talks with Dresser-Rand, By Chris Bryant in Frankfurt and Arash Massoudi in London

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    Aim market gets in gear as brokers cash in on IPOs

    ...SSP Group, Poundland Group, Circassia Pharmaceuticals, Playtech and SafeCharge. It won corporate broking mandates from N Brown Group and Poundland. “We are pleased with the trends in our equity capital markets business, showing a whole plethora... By Harriet Agnew

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    Banks’ VAT bills set to soar after Europe court ruling

    Banks and insurers in Europe are bracing for extra value added tax bills that could potentially run into billions of euros By Vanessa Houlder in London

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    NHS head suggests incentives for employers to keep staff healthy

    Employers will receive tax relief on sums spent to help keep employees healthy, or speed their return from sick leave, under By Sarah Neville Public Policy Editor

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    Scottish separation represents a gamble with very poor odds

    Sir, While independence for Scotland has implications which go far beyond economic matters, it is important that voters in

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    Yevtushenkov loses favour as new Moscow order emerges

    At the 20th birthday party last year for AFK Sistema, his sprawling oil-telecoms-retail conglomerate, Vladimir Yevtushenkov By Courtney Weaver, Jack Farchy and Kathrin Hille in Moscow

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