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    China has all the gifts but no guilt at Christmas

    Christmas lost its soul in the west around the time that I stopped believing in Rudolf, and it’s been a source of angst forPatti Waldmeir — Shanghai

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    Santa on his travels

    A man dressed as Santa Claus walks on the wall of the Old City in Jerusalem.   Annabel Cook

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    Britons shift spending towards luxuries

    Low inflation and the supermarket price war have allowed cash-strapped Britons to redirect more of their spending towardsEmily Cadman

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    The Laundry, London

    Where: London Fields WiFi: Free Open: 10am — late (Mon 5pm; Sun 6pm) Plug sockets: Yes Price of an espresso: £1.90 Privacy:Mian Ridge

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    Russia faces full-blown crisis, says Kudrin

    Russia faces a “full-blown economic crisis” next year that will trigger a series of defaults and the loss of itsJack Farchy

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    For a study in top-notch oratory, watch the Queen at Christmas

    How do you open a conversation with your audience? “My lords, ladies and gentlemen” is a popular opening. “Friends, Romans,Sam LeithOn public speaking

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    UK accountancy watchdog hits PwC with two separate probes

    The UK accountancy watchdog announced two separate investigations into PwC on Monday, related to its audit clients Tesco andHarriet Agnew, City Correspondent

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    Pakistan court halts militants’ executions

    A Pakistani provincial high court on Monday temporarily halted the hangings of five militants who were sentenced to deathFarhan Bokhari in Islamabad

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    Seplat and Afren in talks over oil merger

    Seplat, the Nigerian oil group that listed its shares this year in London, is in talks with rival Afren over the first majorJavier Blas, Africa Editor

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    France shows courage in diagnosing its economic ills

    On page eight of a report that drips with disapproval for France’s modest economic reforms, the European Commission findsTony Barber in London

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