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    Women-only code schools aim to help close technology divide

    Pointing out that the technology industry has a diversity problem is easy. Solving it is harder. Yet some entrepreneuriallySarah Mishkin

  2. NEW


    Domestic data appears to support bearish loonie outlook overall

    The Bank of Canada is expected to leave interest rates at 1 per cent at its meeting on Wednesday. Can the accompanyingJamie Chisholm

  3. NEW


    Sweden vows to increase defence spending

    Sweden's prime minister pledged to increase spending on defence in Thursday's budget as the Nordic country's search for aRichard Milne, Nordic and Baltic Correspondent

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    UK life sciences seek angel investors

    City professionals will be urged to pour some of their personal wealth into medical research and technology this week asAndrew Ward, Pharmaceuticals Correspondent

  2. beyondbrics



    Guest post: the imminent collapse of Nigeria's power privatisation is a good thing

    By Timi Soleye of CRYO Gas Seated on the dais at an investment conference in one of Lagos’s posher hotels are the luminariesguest writer

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    Jakarta: ripe for a tech start-up take-off

    Population 30m Internet users in Indonesia (predicted 2015) 125m Singapore to Jakarta: 1 hour, 45 minutes If ever a city wasBy Ben Bland

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    Sudden death and succession: any company's worst nightmare

    No matter how good Total’s preparations, the death of its chief executive Christophe de Margerie in a plane crash late onAndrew Hill

  5. FT Photo Diary



    Aurora borelias over Tromso

    Jan Morten/scanpix/AFP Northern lights (Aurora borelias) over the city of Tromso in northern Norway. Jamie Han

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    Family businesses: sons, daughters and outsiders

    Asking two extended Lebanese families to learn a Scottish country dance in the Egyptian desert might seem bizarre, but theBy Heba Saleh

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    Crowdfunding merits its hype as a tool for risk-takers

    The two main reasons would-be entrepreneurs give me as to why they haven’t started a business are fear of failure and lackLuke Johnson

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