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    Xi Jinping targets China’s corporate titans with executive pay curbs

    Xi Jinping is taking aim at senior managers at big state-owned enterprises with a new plan to limit executive pay, even as By Gabriel Wildau in Shanghai

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    Chinese pilots told to ditch regional accents

    Strong regional accents have long been a handicap in class-ridden Britain. Now pilots in communist China face ejection from By Tom Mitchell in Beijing

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    Common sense disappears in mining mergers

    Many a good mine is spoiled by sinking the shaft, as the old adage goes. The new adage might run: many a good mining company By Neil Collins

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    Co-op Bank slashes first-half losses

    The Co-operative Bank has slashed its first-half losses despite losing customers, as it cut jobs at the business that came By Sharlene Goff, Retail Banking Correspondent

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    Further reading

    Elsewhere on Friday, - Mugabe’s bailout. - FX, where the summertime torpor disguises existential angst. - Ferguson and the David Keohane

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    The ice bucket cometh - but so does the backlash

    The ice bucket cometh. Months after the #nomakeupselfie campaign first went viral in the name of beating cancer, and the Elizabeth Paton

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    Don't be bearish on Peru, says central banker

    Peru’s economy is in the spotlight, going through its worst time since the global financial crisis. But Julio Velarde, Andres Schipani

  5. 3 hours ago

    Traders eye Wall Street landmark

    Friday 08.00 BST. It’s the final global session of the week and investors have one big question in focus: can Janet Yellen By Jamie Chisholm, Global Markets Commentator

  6. 5 hours ago

    Deng anniversary eclipses Mao’s as Xi builds reformist credentials

    So effusive is the propaganda campaign launched to mark the 110th anniversary of Deng Xiaoping’s birth that a casual visitor By Tom Mitchell in Beijing

  7. 7 hours ago

    Boom or bust – the rule of thumb

    From Mr Brian Brown. Sir, Referring to the financial crisis, Mark Blyth (Letters, August 20) memorably describes how the top

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