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    Former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi jailed for 20 years

    A criminal court in Cairo has sentenced Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first elected president who was ousted by the military inHeba Saleh in Cairo

  2. Their manifestos are out, but polls still show Labour and the...
    April 21, 2015



    UK election — will deadlock break?

    Their manifestos are out, but polls still show Labour and the Conservatives deadlocked. Michael Stott, UK news editor, asks6m 6secs

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    Era of coalition government threatens to undermine democracy

    Britain’s first peacetime coalition government since 1931 was a very different sort of coalition from its predecessor. TheVernon Bogdanor

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    Top classical musicians live-stream teaching with Musical Orbit

    In an elegant merger of the worlds of classical and digital, you can book a live online lesson with the world’s mostRichard Newton

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    Publicis first-quarter sales beat expectations

    Publicis shares saw their biggest rally in more than a year after the French advertising group led by Maurice Lévy reportedAdam Thomson in Paris

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    Janan Ganesh: the Tories' toxic image

    The Conservative party has consistently underestimated the power of its reputation as the party of the rich to repel voters.3m 22secs

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    London stocks await election fate at high valuations

    So much for political uncertainty derailing UK shares, at least for now. Three weeks into a closely fought electionMichael Hunter

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    Pemex prepares to expand oil production after decade of decline

    Oil production at Pemex has touched bottom after a decade of decline, according to the head of exploration and production atBy Jude Webber in Mexico City

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    The US potential of pot: marijuana from legalise to monetise

    In the 19th century, American prospectors headed west to make their fortunes mining gold. Today, from California andShannon Bond

  7. FT Photo Diary



    Gaza fishermen

    Palestinian fishermen rest after arriving back from a fishing trip at the port of Gaza City on Tuesday Jamie Han

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