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    BP tries to remove oil spill claims chief

    BP has tried to remove the administrator of compensation payments under its settlement for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon By Ed Crooks

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    US and EU urge Israel to return West Bank land

    The US and EU on Tuesday urged Israel’s government to reverse its decision to appropriate nearly 1,000 acres of West Bank By John Reed in Jerusalem

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    The Closer

    FURTHER FURTHER READING - Draghi’s incursion into fiscal policy. - A profile of Kenneth Arrow. - TED talk from Jim Holt on Cardiff Garcia

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    Uber drives in to European tech backlash

    Fare comment: cities’ reaction to Uber Uber’s response to being banned in Germany, the first time it has been told to stop By Murad Ahmed in London, Jeevan Vasagar in Berlin, Tim Bradshaw in San Francisco, Duncan Robinson in Brussels

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    Reddit launches app to build mobile traffic

    Reddit, the anarchic social media site that covers everything from pornography to geopolitics, has launched a dedicated app By Sally Davies

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    Can’t see myself in Google Glass, says Del Vecchio

    Leonardo Del Vecchio, founder of Italian eyewear group Luxottica, which earlier this year signed a deal with Google to By Rachel Sanderson in Milan

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    Attempt to split Commons clerk role is no ‘power grab’

    John Bercow, the speaker of the House of Commons, has hit back in the row over his plans to appoint a “top-flight manager” By George Parker, Political Editor

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    Predators eye opportunities to swoop on Asian distress

    A few months ago, US electronics maker Tyco put its ADT Korea unit up for auction. The bidding for Tyco Fire & Security By Henny Sender˜

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    Scottish poll has investors rushing for cover

    Until this week’s polls, investors had largely disregarded the September 18 Scottish independence referendum, pointing to By Delphine Strauss, Harriet Agnew and Andrew Bolger

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    Salmond still claims to be underdog

    Alex Salmond, Scottish first minister, has declared that “independence is closer than it has ever been”, as the Better By George Parker, Political Editor

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