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    Former BP man secures role as Whitehall’s first chief executive

    John Manzoni, a former BP executive who recently joined the civil service, has been chosen as Whitehall’s first chief By Sarah Neville Public Policy Editor

  2. NEW


    Car autopilot would end text danger while driving, says Volvo

    Texting, tweeting and surfing the web from behind the wheel has reached such dangerous levels that self-driving vehicles are By Andy Sharman and Hugh Carnegy in Paris

  3. FT Photo Diary



    Sho Sakai springs to Bronze

    Tim Wimborne/Reuters Japan’s bronze medallist Sho Sakai competes in the Men’s 3m Springboard diving final at the Munhak Park Chris Batson

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    Turkey debates use of force against Isis in Syria and Iraq

    Turkey’s parliament on Thursday debated whether to authorise the use of force in both Syria and Iraq, even as the country’s By Daniel Dombey in Istanbul

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    Buffett admits Tesco investment ‘a huge mistake’

    Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has admitted that his seven-year bet on Tesco was a “huge mistake” in a frank mea culpa By John Aglionby

  3. Gideon Rachman



    Hong Kong's political crisis

    The scale and persistence of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have taken many by surprise. Gideon Rachman is joined 9m 38secs

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    Silencing Hong Kong would harm democracy everywhere

    The people of Hong Kong have waited for 17 years, but have yet to see universal suffrage. For many, a political cyclone By Wang Dan

  5. NEW


    Status quo risk scares Brazil markets

    Brazil is in recession but President Dilma Rousseff has regained her lead over main challenger Marina Silva, to the markets’ 6m 17secs

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    Putin seeks to calm investor jitters over Russia

    Russian president Vladimir Putin promised that there would not be a sweeping review of the country’s past privatisation of By Kathrin Hille in Moscow

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    Ofcom chief Richards to stand down

    Ed Richards is to step down as the head of communications regulator Ofcom after eight years adjudicating fractious disputes By Henry Mance and Daniel Thomas

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