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    Sony drops music service in favour of Spotify deal

    Sony has beaten a retreat in music streaming, closing its Music Unlimited service in favour of a distribution deal withMatthew Garrahan in New York

  2. NEW


    Regulator warns on US ports congestion

    Congestion at ports on the US west coast will linger even after a simmering industrial dispute is resolved because of theirRobert Wright in New York

  3. NEW


    Virgin urges halt to Premier League auction

    Virgin Media has appealed to Ofcom to halt the Premier League’s auction of its UK broadcast rights to allow the regulator toRoger Blitz and Daniel Thomas

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    Hinkley Point nuclear deal faces fresh delay

    The UK’s parliamentary watchdog has abandoned plans to scrutinise the Hinkley Point C nuclear project after predicting thatJim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

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    Alarm bells ring over Syriza’s Russian links

    Soon after Syriza, the Greek radical leftwing party swept to power this week, alarm bells began ringing in the capitals ofSam Jones in London, Kerin Hope in Athens and Courtney Weaver in Moscow

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    Apple rises to top of earnings tree

    It is no exaggeration to say the iPhone 6 saved the US earnings season, at least based on fourth-quarter results so far.James Mackintosh

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    BoE’s Mark Carney calls for common eurozone fiscal policies

    Mark Carney waded into the debate over the eurozone, arguing that for the single currency to succeed, member states must beFerdinando Giugliano, Economics Correspondent

  5. NEW


    Fed remains on steady course with rates

    The Federal Reserve has signalled it remains on course to raise short-term interest rates this year despite weaker overseasSam Fleming in Washington

  6. FT Photo Diary



    A starling sky

    Starlings fly in the sky of Rome at sunset Annabel Cook

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    Britain’s Greens venture towards pastures new

    It is usually child’s play to fillet political documents for contradictions and black holes. Britain’s Green party make it

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