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    Bank of  Japan shows central banks can still wield firepower

    Central banks can create money. That gives them the power to move markets – and with them, the terms of trade between theJohn Authers

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    Cast aside the moral judgment and give debt the credit it deserves

    Is the glass half-empty or is it half-full? It is the same thing, of course, but a lot can turn on your choice of words. SoBy Nigel Dodd

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    Spencer sells City Index to GAIN Capital

    Michael Spencer, the founder of interdealer broker ICAP, has sold his online spread betting company City Index to US rivalHarriet Agnew, City Correspondent

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    Demography ate my homework on an even cheaper yen

    You may have noticed that US business people edge away from those who bear negative news. In contrast, their GermanJohn Dizard

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    Namvula: Shiwezwa – review

    Namvula Shiwezwa (NMR Records) Namvula Rennie honours both her Scottish and Zambian heritage on Shiwezwa: “Old Man” andDavid Honigmann

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    The Touré-Raichel Collective: The Paris Session – review

    The Touré-Raichel Collective The Paris Session (Cumbancha) The collaboration between the Israeli pianist Idan Raichel andDavid Honigmann

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    Run the Jewels: Run the Jewels 2 – review

    Run the Jewels Run the Jewels 2 (Mass Appeal Records) Rap’s reputation as rebel music has been reduced to the bathetic sightLudovic Hunter-Tilney

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    Bob Dylan and The Band: The Basement Tapes Complete – review

    Bob Dylan and The Band The Basement Tapes Complete (Columbia) The full package of six CDs costing over £100 is pretty lavishLudovic Hunter-Tilney

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    Neil Young: Storytone – review

    Neil Young Storytone (Warner Bros) So far this year Neil Young has released an album made in a vintage recording booth,Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

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    Quadraceratops: Quadraceratops – review

    Quadraceratops Quadraceratops (Efpi Records) Saxophonist Cath Roberts formed the spiky jazz septet Quadraceratops in 2011 toMike Hobart

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