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      A Christmas elf’s innermost thoughts

      ...Schlesinger agrees. “Parents can be pushy — they push their kid into getting what they want.” emma.jacobs@ft.com Twitter: @emmavjBy Emma Jacobs

    2. FT Alphaville

      5 hours ago

      Further reading

      ...capital firms.” - “By January 2014, speculation of a four-horse plot was all over the internet...” - This. RT @polemicTMM Financial Twitter Templates. - China’s Hogwarts. - Further, further reading.David Keohane

    3. FT Tech Hub

      15 hours ago

      Snaphack: Sony Pictures leak spreads to tech industry

      ...about candidates for key positions in the management team and an email from Anthony Noto, then a Goldman Sachs banker and now Twitter chief financial officer, compares Snapchat, mostly favourably, to Facebook after examining the earnings of the world’s...Hannah Kuchler

    1. FT Alphaville

      17 hours ago

      US Markets Live, special FOMC presser edition

      ...at close to zero for six years Block CGone entry in the dictionary says couple doesn’t necessarily mean two: https://twitter.co...545307845420679168 Block CGIp asks question related to his “opportunistic overheating” article Block JC(Did...Cardiff Garcia

    2. 19 hours ago

      Instagram: valuation filter

      ...likely to be low: it has fewer than 200 employees, while Twitter, with fewer users, has nearly 4,000. Its ads are up to 20...valuations of 2014. Snapchat raised money at $100 per user; Twitter is valued at $74 per user; and Facebook as a whole at $150...

    3. 23 hours ago

      The 10 worst jobs in politics

      ...visits to his lover, an actor. The job involved long hours, furtive driving and the arms of the leader of France around his waist. roula.khalaf@ft.com Twitter: @khalafroulaRoula Khalaf

    4. 24 hours ago

      Air passengers stay calm amid reclining seats and nut cases

      ...along so well is a tribute, in aviation’s centenary year, to how well the airlines manage them — and to their own decency and restraint. michael.skapinker@ft.com Twitter: @SkapinkerMichael Skapinker

    5. December 16, 2014

      The roots of Russia’s Black Tuesday: the devil in the data

      ...of Monday night’s rise to stop the rout may lead Moscow to think about a less orthodox response, however, with some economists already talking of capital controls as a possible option. Twitter: @FerdiGiuglianoFerdinando Giugliano in London

    6. December 16, 2014

      If small is the future then we will all be big winners

      ...thinking about asset allocation, will need to consider the implications — and go small. lukej@riskcapitalpartners.co.uk Twitter: @LukeJohnsonRCP The writer is chairman of Risk Capital Partners, a private equity firm, and The Centre for EntrepreneursLuke Johnson

    7. December 16, 2014

      Feast turns to famine for China trusts

      ...said Fan Jie, analyst at CN Benefit, a research firm that tracks China’s trust and wealth management industry. Twitter: @gabewildau Additional reporting by Ma NanGabriel Wildau in Shanghai

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