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      Labour tweet taken to flag up political elitism in the UK

      ...flags has become the defining image of a political class in crisis. Ms Thornberry simply wrote “image of Rochester” on the Twitter post, but it was immediately seen as a symbol of the Westminster elite’s contempt for the kind of working-class voters...George Parker and Elizabeth Rigby

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      Gap sags under weight of falling sales

      ...gained 0.8 per cent to 2,069.44, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 0.8 per cent to 17,862.86. The Nasdaq Composite gained 0.7 per cent to 4,734.75. Email: mamta.badkar@ft.com Twitter: @mamtabadkarMamta Badkar in New York

    3. 3 hours ago

      The lesson for today: men, be more boring

      ...every day. And a navy-blue jumper. Which is a bit like a grey T-shirt, really. Only warmer. jo.ellison@ft.com, Twitter: @JEllison Take the angst out of Christmas shopping with our eight-page gift supplementJo Ellison

    1. 3 hours ago

      Uber’s insurgency machine backfires

      ...in remarks at a private dinner that were reported by BuzzFeed. He later apologised and Mr Kalanick condemned the comments via Twitter as “a departure from our values”. But then accusations emerged that Uber employees have broad access to its database of...Tim Bradshaw and Sarah Mishkin in San Francisco and Arash Massoudi in London

    2. 4 hours ago

      White van Dan demands Labour apology

      ...and lessened the impact of the defeat on the Tory party, which until recently had boasted it would defeat Ukip. The Labour Twitter row softened the blow to the Conservatives, which led Mr Miliband to ask Ms Thornberry to resign from his shadow cabinet. The...Mark Odell

    3. 4 hours ago

      The Diary: Tom Robbins

      ...social media offers an alluring alternative. Companies can’t pay to promote themselves on Instagram (as they can with Twitter); instead, they pay users with the most followers – “key influencers” – in return for featuring them. Some influencers...Tom Robbins

    4. 4 hours ago

      Socks: let’s keep it simple

      ...Obama. So perhaps it is fitting that lesser mortals start with socks and work our way up. robert.shrimsley@ft.com; Twitter: @robertshrimsley Illustration by Lucas Varela See Jo Ellison in Life & ArtsRobert Shrimsley

    5. 4 hours ago

      Which way is Ireland going?

      ...man could become prime minister, warns Lucey. That’s the measure of Irish disorientation. simon.kuper@ft.com, Twitter @KuperSimon Illustration by Luis GrañenaSimon Kuper

    6. 4 hours ago

      Why a house-price bubble means trouble

      ...that anybody will be able to afford a dining room. Tim Harford’s latest book is ‘The Undercover Economist Strikes Back’. Twitter: @TimHarford Illustration by Harry HaysomTim Harford

    7. 4 hours ago

      Douglas Coupland: 3.1415926535

      ...Wikipedia Douglas Coupland’s most recent book is a non-fiction title, ‘Kitten Clone’, published by Visual Editions Twitter: @dougcouplandDouglas Coupland

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