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    1. January 25, 2015

      Companies diary: January 26 - January 30

      ...46) Samsung Q4 29,245 Won 47,909 Won TeliaSonera Q4 SKr1.05 (SKr0.92) Time Warner Cable Q4 $2.08 ($1.82) Toshiba Q3 Y8.50 (Y4.05) Trading and sales updates 3i Group, Great Portland Estates Friday — January 30 ● BT could reveal...Compiled by Simon Greaves

    2. January 15, 2015

      Hinkley Point nuclear agreement expected in March

      ...design to experience delays and cost over-runs. The first reactors debuting the AP1000 design from Westinghouse, owned by Toshiba of Japan, are now likely to come online in 2016, three years behind schedule, Chinese officials say. Areva, the French...Lucy Hornby in Beijing

    3. January 5, 2015

      Xaar hires Kodak executive as new chief

      ...images on to paper, plastic and other surfaces. Xaar quickly sold licences to technology groups including IBM, Brother and Toshiba-TEC. However, after reporting disappointing royalty streams from these deals, it floated on the stock market in 1997 to...Tanya Powley, Manufacturing Correspondent

    1. December 30, 2014

      Restructuring costs weigh down Japan Inc

      ...Japanese consumer electronics companies, in contrast, have continued to make fridges, air conditioners — and, in the case of Toshiba, even branched out into growing lettuce. Panasonic is the second biggest spender on restructuring, but, unlike Sony, it...Louise Lucas and Robin Kwong

    2. December 11, 2014

      Weak yen divisive for Abe ahead of Japanese election

      ...is bringing production back home and creating new jobs. Toshiba, for example, plans to invest more than Y300bn ($2...The company says it has no plans to change employment levels. Toshiba is also ramping up investment at the Yokkaichi memory chip plant...Kana Inagaki in Tokyo

    3. December 9, 2014

      Carlyle to sell Japanese semiconductor business at a loss

      ...transfer their 95 per cent stake in Covalent, formerly known as Toshiba Ceramics, to CoorsTek on December 26. Including debt and bonds...with the matter. When the two private equity groups bought Toshiba’s semiconductor wafer business in a management buyout...Kana Inagaki — Tokyo

    4. December 7, 2014

      Japan’s titans slim down and fight back

      ...2012 include JVC Kenwood, Pioneer Corp and Sharp. Hitachi Maxell and Japan Display — formed from cast-offs from Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi — both made lukewarm initial public offerings this year, and have since struggled to come close to their opening...Ben McLannahan

    5. December 7, 2014

      Robots: the ghost in the machine gets smarter

      ...technology giants, including Panasonic, Toshiba and Sharp, are honing their robotics...with an ageing society. In October, Toshiba unveiled its prototype of a human-like...people with dementia. Robotics are part of Toshiba’s plan to increase its healthcare...Kana Inagaki in Tokyo

    6. December 1, 2014

      Government to back £1bn Swansea tidal project

      ...Danny Alexander, chief secretary to the Treasury, will say. The government will also announce a co-operation agreement with Toshiba, GDF Suez and NuGen to provide a guarantee to help build a nuclear power station at Moorside in Cumbria. Ministers are also...Jim Pickard and Gill Plimmer

    7. November 6, 2014

      World’s fastest lifts race to the top of the tallest buildings

      ...buildings, lift makers including Mitsubishi, Hitachi and Toshiba have been forced to make technological strides, using new...higher and faster than ever before. For the past decade, Toshiba’s lifts in the Taipei 101 office tower in Taiwan has held...Tanya Powley, Manufacturing Correspondent and John Burn-Murdoch, Interactive Data Journalist

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