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    1. 20 hours ago

      Week in Review, December 20

      ...bistros. Menu choice for these latest gluttons for punishment? Prix fixe, naturellement. ● Not even 007 escaped the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment unscathed. This week, producers of the new James Bond film Spectre revealed that cyber criminals had accessed...

    2. 21 hours ago

      Amy Pascal: A studio boss caught in real-life thriller

      ...close to the past few weeks. The co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment — a supporter of edgy...largest US cinema chains cancelled showings and Sony scrapped the movie altogether. Sources close to Sony Pictures say that for Ms Pascal, Michael Lynton...Matthew Garrahan

    3. 22 hours ago

      Financial crises are nothing new

      This week, one commentator referred to the general level of upset over the threats to Sony and its movie about Kim Jong Un as “beyond the realms of stupid”. It is an entirely reasonable reaction. The idea that...Merryn Somerset Webb

    1. 23 hours ago

      Seinfeld: Complete Series — DVD review

      Directed by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David Sony If you truly love someone this Christmas, give them nothing — or more precisely “the show about nothing”, as Jerry Seinfeld...Raphael Abraham

    2. 23 hours ago

      North Korea hackers ‘world class’ reputation

      ...allegedly behind the hacking attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment. Large quantities of highly confidential data were stolen from Sony, which had planned to release a film...face of furious protests from Pyongyang. Sony this week abandoned plans to release The...Simon Mundy in Tokyo and Song Jung-a in Seoul

    3. 24 hours ago

      Obama says Sony ‘made mistake’ in pulling film

      Barack Obama has rebuked Sony Pictures for withdrawing a satirical movie...into the hacking. “I think they [Sony] made a mistake,” the US president told...public reprimand will fuel criticism that Sony acted rashly in scrapping plans to release...Gina Chon and Megan Murphy in Washington and Matthew Garrahan and Shannon Bond in New York

    4. FT Alphaville

      December 19, 2014

      "Alphaville Person of Interest 2014" -- you decide!

      ...Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, ex of Sony. As a former deputy under-secretary at the US National Protection...Infrastructure Strategist — Phil was uniquely qualified to ensure Sony remained hack free. 2. Andrey Akimov, chairman of the management...FT Alphaville

    5. FT Alphaville

      December 19, 2014

      FirstFT (the new Lunch Wrap)

      ...difficult political environment”. (FT) Sony fallout The White House said it was treating the attack on Sony as a “serious national security...his arrest. (NYT$) Video of the day Sony and the cyber hacking threat Lex’s Robert...Chris Nuttall

    6. December 19, 2014

      Best of Lex: You can’t kill the S&P, can you?

      ...a cyber attack does permanent damage to a major corporation? Sony’s troubles with The Interview this week give a small taste...hopes that the hoodlums behind the attack are forced to watch as Sony makes The Interview, despite the lack of a theatrical release...

    7. December 19, 2014

      The business of being Ed Sheeran

      ...doing Max Lousada, CEO of Warner Music UK, which owns Atlantic, Sheeran’s label So he only signed his publishing deal, with Sony, once his first single “The A Team” — a sweet ballad with an edgy theme, about a young drug-addicted prostitute...Craig McLean

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