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    1. FT Tech Hub

      February 27, 2014

      Jawbone founder aims to organise the world's opinions with new app State

      ...It’s a network architected around semantic objects,” Mr Asseily says. If that sounds a little like the vision of a “semantic web”, it may not surprise you to learn that web pioneer Sir Tim Berners-Lee is on State...Tim Bradshaw

    2. September 27, 2013

      Key trends in Big Data technologies

      ...to find those insights in social sentiment, sales numbers, web site behavior, sensor data, and more. In the next few years...what users are doing, with whom are users interacting). Semantic technologies, text, speech and video analytics to derive new...By Rita Sallam, Mark Beyer, Nick Heudecker

    3. May 2, 2013

      Blog IT: selected analyst blog notes

      ...schedule and reschedule optimisation, web direct selling, e-ticketing and airport self-service. Most...use smart guidance models proposed by the semantic analysis of that data in the first place...migration and fast VM restart. Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains the king of this...By

    1. February 1, 2013

      Dealing with the data deluge

      ...One remedy is the “semantic web”, a collaborative movement led by the World Wide Web Consortium to promote...The approach is based on semantic technology that encodes...platforms such as the semantic web, probed by advanced analytics...By Clive Cookson

    2. September 7, 2012

      Lunch with the FT: Tim Berners-Lee

      ...academic and commercial interests in the web, he says, likening the...conditions behind the invention of the web were rather specific, he says. “Like gorgeous...has spent years working on the “semantic web” of machine-processable data...By Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson

    3. May 16, 2012

      Google to unveil search results overhaul

      ...characterised the changes as a way to make the web more useful rather than replace it with...scaffold that helps you traverse the web,” said Mr Gomes. “We want to help...approximation of the so-called “semantic web” that Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor...By Richard Waters in San Francisco

    4. FT Tech Hub

      October 31, 2011

      BBC iPlayer's Rose returns with social TV app Zeebox

      ...Friday. An accompanying website and HTML5 web app go live on Tuesday. Mr Rose co-founded...and Twitter. Through hashtags and other semantic smarts, Zeebox will pull this chatter...the laptop or tablet as they browse the web or send emails. Although over-35s are...Tim Bradshaw

    5. August 3, 2011

      Cable backs relaxation of IP regime

      ...analysing published journals for new findings, although legal experts say it could equally benefit search engines and “semanticweb services which examine the linguistic relationships between words. But the Publishers Association said the move was...By Tim Bradshaw, Digital Media Correspondent

    6. November 24, 2010

      Web founder leaves his mark on Facebook’s wall

      ...by something even more powerful: a web of linked data. Rather than attaching addresses to web pages and connecting them through hyperlinks...future medium – he called it the Semantic Web – would be able to identify individual...By Richard Waters

    7. FT Alphaville

      October 1, 2010

      Bubbles inflate because we're a bunch of saps

      ...as shown by the telecom bubble, it seems to grow in frequency and seriousness in boom times. Modern technologies (semantic web, Wolfram Alpha, ...) appear to provide promising approaches to detecting such phenomena. It should be possible...Cardiff Garcia

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