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    Software going private: the old new thing

    ...over. But it is time to wake up. Private equity buyers have announced or completed...depressed the shares. And then a private equity bidder appeared. The experience...Oracle sitting on cash. Other private equity firms are buying too. Analysts...

  2. 6 hours ago

    Virgin Money pushes ahead with UK initial public offering

    ...Group, and OneSavings Bank, which is controlled by US private equity group JC Flowers. Aldermore, a specialist lender owned by UK private equity investor AnaCap, announced plans for an IPO of its... By Martin Arnold in London

  3. 15 hours ago

    Partnership aims to calm investors on tax reforms

    ...company’s shares dropped another 8 per cent as a result of further changes the chancellor unveiled this week. The private equity-backed company, which floated last year and has lost more than two-thirds of its market value since March, said... By Alistair Gray and Josephine Cumbo

  1. 15 hours ago

    Europe chicken group put on the menu

    Plukon, one of Europe’s largest chicken farmers, has been put on the block by its private equity owner in a move that highlights the growing demand for food companies. The Dutch group, owned by buyout firm Gilde, has hired... By Ed Hammond in New York and Arash Massoudi and Anne-Sylvaine Chassany in London

  2. 15 hours ago

    EU-funded venture capital model proves to be double-edged sword

    ...market to produce high-growth. Equity financing became a real alternative...VC fund managers have classical private equity backgrounds and do not understand...funds in Hungary – following private equity practice – have taken controlling... By Kester Eddy

  3. 15 hours ago

    Technology start-ups in central and eastern Europe blow away stereotypes

    ...bank by deposits. “From a private equity point of view, from an investment...of mergers and acquisitions and private equity at CMS, a law firm, says...number of venture capital and private equity funds are dedicated solely to this... By Henry Foy

  4. beyondbrics

    19 hours ago

    Sierra Oil to invest in Mexico energy block

    There’s a new kid on the block as Mexico’s energy reform gets rolling. Backed by Mexican pension funds and private equity firms Riverstone Holdings and EnCap Investments, the new company, Sierra Oil, has large ambitions and aims to bring... Jude Webber

  5. 19 hours ago

    Zalando underwhelms on Frankfurt debut

    ...its core region of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Others said that Zalando had been unfortunate due to the wider global equity market underperformance on Wednesday, arguing that shorter-term investors had been flipping the stock and contributing towards... By Alice Ross in Frankfurt

  6. 20 hours ago

    Fannie/Freddie: no Argentine bond

    ...right to do so. This seems unfair, and the judge had some sympathy with the investors’ case. But then again private equity and hedge funds thrive on taking big risks at low costs, with the hope of turning a dud into a diamond or at least...

  7. 20 hours ago

    Mortgage insurers: in the tranches

    ...against over 12 per cent two years ago. And private mortgage insurers, as Macquarie points...may think Radian will need to raise new equity (the company does not). And the...three straight monthly declines. The private mortgage insurers are the bottom tranche...

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