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      UK productivity problem is not so puzzling

      ...investor, I am relieved that I saw dollar weakness coming, and put 11...following wind from a strong dollar last year, but so far this...currently strengthening against the dollar alongside the pound. With all...this year’s profits for oil and commodity companies weighed...John Redwood

    2. beyondbrics

      6 hours ago

      A guide to African currencies: the Milk Index

      ...relative to its spot of 198 to the dollar • Given the dependency of Nigeria’s exports and government revenues on oil, the naira has weakened significantly...outflows. Supporting the naira through dollar sales was draining Nigeria’s forex...Neville Mandimika, Atria Africa

    3. 9 hours ago

      Growth stalls as oil dividend remains unspent

      ...the belief that cheaper oil would add an extra stimulus...the US and push up the dollar. As for stock markets...positivity. In depth Oil: the big drop Latest...consequences of tumbling oil prices Further reading...That would strengthen the dollar and test US stocks, which...John Authers

    1. 14 hours ago

      Dollar and Treasury yields up after CPI

      ...even more aggressive as the dollar index turned a 0.5 per cent...US unit at $1.1015 and the dollar was 0.4 per cent higher versus...Friday’s gains for the dollar rounded out a week in which it recouped...from the softer euro. Brent oil had a choppy week and was down...Dave Shellock

    2. 20 hours ago

      Puerto Rico suffers further credit rating cut

      ...condition demanded by hedge funds to back a new bond sale backed by oil revenues. The most frequently traded Puerto Rican government...was bought mostly by hedge funds, climbed to 82 cents on the dollar on Thursday, up from a low of 77.6 cents around the turn of...Robin Wigglesworth in New York

    3. May 21, 2015

      IMF predicts upturn for Russian economy after 3.4% fall this year

      ...as much as 80 roubles to the dollar last December, the currency...back to 50 roubles to the US dollar, and is continuing to strengthen...value of the rouble and the oil price plunge. The country’s foreign...warned that a further drop in the oil price, or renewed violence...Courtney Weaver in Moscow

    4. May 21, 2015

      Retail sales recovery cheers pound

      The pound made strong gains against the dollar on Thursday, after retail sales data boosted second-quarter growth prospects and energised consumer stocks. Sterling rose 0...Michael Hunter

    5. May 21, 2015

      S&P claims record as rate concerns fade

      ...firming in the euro, oil prices and bond yields from...on the day against the dollar at $1.1118 — up from a...Y120.95 — pushed the dollar index down 0.2 per cent...gains. In spite of the dollar’s weakness, gold was down...first quarter.” Brent oil extended Wednesday...Dave Shellock

    6. May 20, 2015

      Petrobras probe looks to dig up corpse

      ...bribery scheme at the state-owned oil company has applied for a court...and crippled the country’s oil and gas and construction sectors...Oily mess A multibillion-dollar bribery scandal at Petrobras...overwhelmingly dominant position in the oil and gas industry in Latin America...Joe Leahy in São Paulo

    7. May 20, 2015

      Fed minutes show doubts about strength of US recovery

      ...points at 2.26 per cent. The dollar, which has rallied for much...impact of the high level of the dollar and the decline in oil-related investment could last longer...attention to the high value of the dollar as a continuing restraint. The...Sam Fleming in Washington

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