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      ‘Quick, aggressive’ reform needed to boost Turkey’s growth

      ...big energy importer, has also benefited from a global fall in oil prices. Banks and corporates are rolling over their debts...the board and in which the lira remains much lower against the dollar than before, stocks recovered strongly after President Recep...Daniel Dombey in Istanbul

    2. beyondbrics



      Vietnam yields cautionary tale over Chinese investment

      ...development to garner soft power at the expense of rivals US and Japan – has reached new heights in recent weeks. Multi-billion US dollar deals with strategic partners such as Sri Lanka and Pakistan aside, even countries with reservations about China’s rise have...Gavin Bowring

    3. beyondbrics

      3 hours ago

      Ready or not: oil exporters facing low prices

      ...to growth. Kazakhstan’s oil fund currently stands at $77bn...where will the effects of the oil price fall show up first? Typically...markets. The Gulf states’ dollar pegs look fairly secure: market...calculations of the impact of oil on government finances are not...Alan Beattie

    1. 12 hours ago

      Oil at 4-year low as Opec fails to agree

      Thursday 15.35 GMT. Oil prices have dropped to fresh...ECB buying looms. Along with oil, another asset that tends to...year lows of Y118.96 per dollar on the back of expansionary monetary...currently steady at Y117.76 per dollar, having earlier broken through the Y117...Jamie Chisholm, Global Markets Commentator

    2. 21 hours ago

      Oil price fall starts to weigh on banks

      ...Gas and Forest Oil, US-based oil companies. Investors, however...offered in June and slumping oil prices combined with volatile...deal as the value of the two oil companies’ debt erodes. Sabine...as little as 60 cents on the dollar. If the banks are not able...Tracy Alloway in New York

    3. November 26, 2014

      Carlyle makes first investment in South Africa

      ...of mergers and acquisitions this week, with multibillion-dollar deals announced in Nigeria and South Africa involving telecoms...continent’s largest-ever deals. Nigeria, Africa’s top oil producer and most populous nation, has overtaken South Africa...Andrew England in Johannesburg

    4. November 26, 2014

      Wall Street shrugs aside weak US data

      ...under renewed pressure as oil prices continued to fall...the year weighed on the dollar, with the euro gaining ground...The risk of a euro/dollar squeeze over the coming weeks...2006,” he said. The oil market had a choppy session...briefly gaining more than a dollar before turning tail to...Dave Shellock

    5. November 25, 2014

      Russian economy: Buckwheat blues

      ...Ukraine crisis and lower oil prices started to...value against the dollar this year. But over...them to revalue their dollar-denominated debts. Rosneft, the state oil group, reported...advantage of the Russian oil and gas companies over...blocked access to fresh dollar and euro funds...Kathrin Hille

    6. November 25, 2014

      Nigeria devalues currency as oil prices drop

      ...one of the clearest signs yet of how oil producing nations are struggling as...naira at a midpoint of N168 to the US dollar, 8.4 per cent lower than the N155...measures come as Africa’s largest oil-producing nation and a key member...William Wallis in Abuja and Javier Blas in London

    7. beyondbrics

      November 25, 2014

      EM oil producers risk ratings downgrade on low crude price

      ...government uses when converting oil-derived revenues, but a weighted...barrel. Nigeria is victim of oil price slump In an example of how the oil price slide is having a market...value of the naira against the US dollar in recent months, creating a policy...James Kynge

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