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    1. March 27, 2015

      Emerging markets and how cheapness carries extra risk

      ...checked the rise of the US dollar, which had become extreme...slowed. The rise in the dollar and fall in the oil price since June have created risks...sanctions and the falling oil price on Russia means that UBS...borrowing in dollars. The dollar’s rise has not wrought...John Authers

    2. March 27, 2015

      An ageing population as an excuse for a Japanese currency war

      ...managed a 50 per cent devaluation against the dollar over the past couple of years without attracting...some surprise bond purchases, pushing the dollar up further from Y102 in August to around...spuriously related to global factors, such as oil price developments”. This is strong...John Dizard

    3. March 27, 2015

      US money invades eurozone shores

      ...S&P 500 in the US. “US dollar investors think they have squeezed...effects have further to run. In dollar terms, the Euro Stoxx 600...relative underperformance in dollar terms has been almost 40 per...the weaker euro and lower oil prices are all supportive of...Ralph Atkins and Joel Lewin in London

    1. March 27, 2015

      US growth slows despite robust spending

      ...northeast but also as a result of the strengthening dollar, which has weighted on exports. Janet Yellen, the...Among the headwinds are falling investment in the oil industry following the slump in the oil price, they said. Non-residential investment...Sam Fleming in Washington

    2. March 27, 2015

      Euro rebound fades at $1.10 mark

      ...trimmed its gain against the dollar to just 0.2 per cent over...rallies should be sold.” The dollar spent time either side of...pound’s nadir against the dollar. Looking at UK consumer prices...related to the sharp fall in oil prices in the second half of...Michael Hunter

    3. March 27, 2015

      Stock benchmarks firm after wobbly week

      ...an oversold euro/overbought dollar position. The euro’s slide...0884. Bucking the strong dollar trend was sterling. The pound...sessions on the back of recent dollar weakness but this faltered on...7 to $1,197 an ounce. Oil prices retreated after surging...FT reporters

    4. March 27, 2015

      Japan nears deflation as core CPI hits zero

      Collapsing oil prices and subdued demand have again thrown...zero since May 2013. Although the fall in oil prices will make consumers better off and...The Japanese yen was flat, at 119.2 per dollar. Stocks have nevertheless been hitting...Patrick McGee in Hong Kong and Robin Harding in Tokyo

    5. March 26, 2015

      Dow Transports puts shadow on US equities

      ...with JPMorgan said a stronger dollar has crimped export activity...deliveries of coal and crude oil products. “We have witnessed...backlogs. The strength of the dollar is also weighing on export-heavy...should be cut as long as [the] dollar stays in this area,” said...Eric Platt and Nicole Bullock in New York

    6. March 26, 2015

      Nigerian banks: wrong concentrations

      ...if they were less fixated on oil and gas. More is the pity. After...hard. Upstream and downstream oil and gas accounted for 27 per cent...matched its sovereign downgrade on oil’s 50 per cent drop since June...one-fifth fall against the dollar over the past year. Never mind...

    7. March 26, 2015

      Rio Tinto chief rejects call for industry to cap iron ore output

      ...mining costs per tonne and mitigate the effect that falling prices have on operating margins. A weaker oil price and a falling Australian dollar have also helped miners to cut their production costs, with Rio claiming it is now mining at $17 a...James Wilson

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