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    1. October 24, 2014

      Equity income managers downplay dividend gloom

      ...appreciation of the pound against the dollar over much of 2014, which...index, including miners, oil producers and big pharmaceuticals groups, use the dollar as their functional currency...concentrated in sectors like oil and commodities where growth...Jonathan Eley

    2. October 24, 2014

      BASF slashes 2015 targets on slowing global growth

      ...revenues. A sharp decline in the price of oil is set to weaken the profitability of BASF’s oil and gas business and has encouraged some customers...there. The weakening of the euro against the dollar is also set to provide some help to the Ludwigshafen...Chris Bryant in Frankfurt

    3. October 24, 2014

      Wall Street shrugs off Ebola worries

      ...turmoil to 7.37 per cent. The dollar spent much of the week tracking...rising 0.6 per cent. The dollar had a notably stronger week against...always sensitive to signs of dollar strength – was $1 lower on...industrial commodities , Brent oil remained in sight of recent...Dave Shellock

    1. October 23, 2014

      Commodities: A partial pump primer

      ...the same nation. While falling oil prices act as a tax cut for US...hits the country’s shale oil industry. In 2011, the surge...currencies are falling relative to the dollar. As a result says Jeff Currie...not seeing big gains because oil prices in rupees are not falling...By Chris Giles

    2. October 23, 2014

      Russia’s rouble falls to new dollar lows

      ...plumbed new depths against the dollar on Thursday after reports that the country’s biggest oil company made a request...of its value against the dollar in the past three months...markets. The slide in global oil prices is an even bigger...Delphine Strauss

    3. FT Alphaville

      October 23, 2014

      Beware the Chinese FX reserve fall

      ...came in and bought 25% of the oil market, the wheat market or...have little or no impact on the dollar price of gold. It’s called the...alternative store of value — the dollar — is out of reach to the average...dependable stores of value like the dollar which encourages the Chinese...Izabella Kaminska

    4. October 23, 2014

      Deflation fear underpins oil-equity correlation

      ...seemingly every tick in the US dollar determined whether the market...and bonds are in thrall to the oil price. A fall in Brent or WTI...this. How much of the recent oil price fall is about the much...Which suggests that what the oil/equity/bond correlation is...Jamie Chisholm

    5. October 23, 2014

      Volatility tests the nerve of dollar bulls

      ...selective in how they buy the dollar. Trading it against the pound...makes most sense to buy the dollar against the euro and commodity...currencies affected by the fall in oil prices, such as the Canadian...UBS, recommends buying the dollar against emerging market currencies...Alice Ross and Vivianne Rodrigues

    6. October 23, 2014

      Stocks up on earnings and growth hopes

      ...Europe and China, a surging dollar and falling commodity prices...high as $1.2676 against the dollar before easing back to $1...Miller at GMP Securities. The dollar edged up 0.1 per cent against...to $6,695 a tonne. Brent oil settled $2.12 higher at...Dave Shellock

    7. beyondbrics

      October 22, 2014

      Venezuela and sliding oil prices

      ...toxic combination of dropping oil prices, an economy in shambles...perfect storm”: The decrease in oil prices is costing Venezuela approximately $728m in revenues for every dollar of price decline. This has raised...is pricing. In a scenario of oil prices staying closer to current...Andres Schipani

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