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    1. July 3, 2015

      China’s steel dragon has lost its appetite for American coal

      ...capacity, are selling for 14 to 17 cents on the dollar. Peabody Coal (about 200m tons of capacity...in 2018 that is priced at 48 cents on the dollar. Even after the oil and gas price plunge, many oil and gas exploration and production companies...John Dizard

    2. July 3, 2015

      Surf’s up for cruise ships after new vessel orders hit record

      ...billions of dollars needed. The strong dollar is also making the twin European shipbuilding...more attractive for US operators. Lower oil prices, which account for 20-30 per cent...metric, though the gain was wiped out in dollar terms by the weak euro. Cruise operators...Stephen Wilmot and Malcolm Moore

    3. July 3, 2015

      Wall Street braced for profit declines

      ...the relative strength of the dollar and the downturn in the commodities...growth and a relatively strong dollar are expected to conspire to undercut...the relative strength of the dollar, which is up 6.3 per cent...reeling from the sharp fall in oil prices. “The energy sector...Kadhim Shubber

    1. July 3, 2015

      Nerves taut ahead of Greek referendum

      ...Hence, any collapse in euro/dollar on Monday may not be sustained...with the former view, as the dollar index fell back, although...leaving it 8bp off on the week. Oil prices had a grim week...on June 12. The Australian dollar, often traded as a proxy for...Dave Shellock

    2. July 2, 2015

      AstraZeneca rises on drug pipeline hopes

      ...spending outlook this month as lower crude prices and a strong dollar hinder US manufacturing. Testing company Intertek slipped 3.2 per...We are concerned that the depth and the duration of the oil and gas downgrades will be a negative surprise, particularly...Bryce Elder

    3. July 2, 2015

      Kurdistan bond sale delayed by Iraqi doubts

      ...rates in sovereign markets. Oil-rich Kurdistan had been expected...Iraq’s longer-dated, 2028 dollar bonds trade at a yield of just...world’s largest untapped oil reserves, is locked in a dispute...faces a growing bill for unpaid oil company services, public sector...Elaine Moore and Anjli Raval

    4. July 2, 2015

      Iran’s Revolutionary Guards wary of threat to business interests

      ...whose multi-billion dollar interests stretch from telecoms...a devastated, though oil and gas-rich economy...in sectors as varied as oil, gas, petrochemicals, marine...competitive tenders for oil and gas projects have...brought multi-billion-dollar corruption cases against...Najmeh Bozorgmehr in Tehran

    5. July 2, 2015

      Mexican peso hits record low — what now?

      ...than 15.83 to the US dollar on Thursday, its weakest...trading at about 13 to the dollar. Analysts say several...the steep fall in the oil price from June 2014. Last...plans to auction 14 oil and gas exploration blocks...simply against the US dollar. He and his colleague João...Jonathan Wheatley and Jude Webber

    6. July 2, 2015

      Commodity markets diverge as supply and demand come to the fore

      ...quarter but the rally fizzled out as oil prices moved sideways and the US dollar stabilised, bringing fundamentals...fundamental factors dominating — oil capped by oversupply; the weather...demand fluctuations in China. Oil started the quarter with a bang...Emiko Terazono and Neil Hume

    7. July 2, 2015

      Dollar and bond yields fall after US data

      ...Treasury bond prices rose and the dollar retreated as the outlook for Federal...latest offer. Despite the weaker dollar, gold touched its lowest since...number of rigs drilling for oil in the US rose for the first time...lower at 2.38 per cent. The dollar index, a measure of the currency...Dave Shellock

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