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      India/Brazil: A tale of two subsidies

      ...defending the country’s state-owned oil company in an election debate on Sunday...Brazilian real’s weakening against the US dollar may make importing fuel dearer. The Indian...has been canny. It picked the fall in oil prices to deregulate. The first breath...

    2. NEW


      Investors weigh Venezuela debt default

      ...of global currency values against the US dollar, Venezuela makes a surprise entrance as...to import almost everything apart from oil and the rampant inflation that has pushed...is not good news. Nor is the fact that oil prices are dropping, reserves are falling...Elaine Moore

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      Nigeria saw off Ebola but fraud and Boko Haram plague country

      ...did against Ebola? For example, to rein in crude oil theft and multibillion dollar fuel subsidy rackets; repair structural flaws impeding...s transformation, the battle continues. In the oil sector, which for all its corrupt and murky underpinnings...William Wallis in Lagos

    1. beyondbrics

      7 hours ago

      Guest post: the Great Unwinding of policymaker stimulus is under way

      ...policymaker stimulus begins to unwind. Oil and commodity prices are falling...key driver for prices; the US dollar is strengthening and liquidity is tightening...price discovery in many markets. Oil prices have been too high...have long ago recognised that oil prices have accounted for around...guest writer

    2. 13 hours ago

      S&P 500 edges higher in nervous trade

      ...per cent. The softening of US yields did little to help the dollar. The US currency was down 0.1 per cent against a basket...Industrial commodities remained on the back foot, with Brent oil down 23 cents at $85.93 a barrel – not far away from last...Dave Shellock

    3. October 19, 2014

      Eurozone fails to benefit from weak currency as oil price slides

      ...per cent against the dollar and 4.75 per cent...contend with a fall in oil prices that all but...The drop in oil prices is a problem for...euro at 1.40 to the dollar, eurozone inflation...fall in the price of oil will help offset the rise in...recent rally of the US dollar has stalled, as doubts...Delphine Strauss in London and Claire Jones in Frankfurt

    4. Gavyn Davies

      October 19, 2014

      What is global market turbulence telling us?

      ...economy to lead to a rising dollar and a tighter Federal Reserve...the 25 per cent decline in oil prices since last June. Since...triggered largely by an increase in oil supply, it will act like a positive supply shock to oil importing economies. In a...Gavyn Davies

    5. October 19, 2014

      No Blofeld behind bond (market) avalanche

      ...serious trouble too, and the oil price had been weakening for...about the effects of a rising dollar as well. Even taken together these...the Fed to raise rates and the dollar to soar. Speculative bets on the dollar, via the futures market, had...By James Mackintosh, Investment Editor

    6. October 17, 2014

      Markets: Into uncharted waters

      ...the US, raising the value of the dollar against other currencies, which helps...price of commodities, particularly oil. Crude oil has fallen almost 30 per cent since June in spite of events in Iraq. Lower oil prices reduce inflation. There are...By John Authers

    7. October 17, 2014

      Market turmoil tests private investors’ nerves

      ...convenience comes to an end The rise in the dollar in recent months, caused by the looming...helped push commodity prices sharply lower. Oil is down over a quarter since June and iron...weighed heavily on the FTSE, an index where oil and mining companies account for a fifth...Jonathan Eley

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