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    1. May 26, 2015

      Safety obsession creates risk of ‘fortress’ cities

      ...towns and cities, creating what some describe as a hostile “fortresslike” environment. The new US embassy is “like a Norman castle,” says Stephen Graham, professor of cities and society at Newcastle University. “It even has a moat and is set...Lucy Killgren

    2. January 21, 2015

      Lord Oakeshott gives Miliband a boost

      ...East Midlands Labour Erewash — Catherine Atkinson Lincoln — Lucy Rigby East Anglia Liberal Democrat Watford — Dorothy Thornhill Labour...Thurrock — Polly Billington South East Liberal Democrat Lewes — Norman Baker MP Winchester — Jackie Porter Labour Brighton Kemptown...Elizabeth Rigby, Deputy Political Editor

    3. October 3, 2014

      ‘Gone Girl’, Hollywood and the gender war

      ...squared off over the vacuum cleaner, arms crossed like fuming Norman Rockwell figures. Feminism had won the moral, political and cultural...accomplish her goals? So, today, we have Scarlett Johansson in Lucy, or Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games, taking up physical...By Tom Shone

    1. July 23, 2014

      Shakespeare in Love, Noël Coward Theatre, London – review

      ...Pirate’s Daughter. At least, he is in Tom Stoppard and Marc Norman’s droll faux-depiction of history, deftly adapted here...begins to fashion a love story. Viola (a lovely, impetuous Lucy Briggs-Owen), meanwhile, has her own plans. Like many a...By Sarah Hemming

    2. July 18, 2014

      ‘Shakespeare in Love’, London

      ...has adapted afresh the script written by Tom Stoppard and Marc Norman for the film, and the production is staged by the ingenious...celebrates theatre itself. Tom Bateman plays Shakespeare with Lucy Briggs-Owen as the lovely Viola – who, at the end of the...By Sarah Hemming

    3. June 28, 2013

      Summer books guide

      ...Lucy Kellaway FT associate editor and columnist Clever...aesthetic influence on the careers of Richard Rogers and Norman Foster. Edwin Heathcote...

    4. February 12, 2013

      FT at 125: The world in focus

      ...temporarily, to the severing of ties between the FT and Norman Lamont, the embattled chancellor of the exchequer. David...We have also covered the more delightful sides of life. Lucy Kellaway, the Weekend FT and How To Spend It have brought...By Lionel Barber

    5. May 17, 2012

      Get on your bike and network

      ...smart. When he was starting out, he’d go running with his boss. Then at Asda he played five-a-side football with Archie Norman. And more recently, when Walmart bought Asda, he engaged in sweatworking with his US colleagues. A group of them did regular...By Lucy Kellaway

    6. April 27, 2012

      Let’s do lunch!

      ...and a convicted murderer (Norman Parker). In age the subjects...distinctly agreeable job: Lucy Kellaway, still very...coming across,” says Lucy Kellaway. “Lunch...Savile, disc jockey, to Lucy Kellaway: “I won’t...By Matthew Engel

    7. November 25, 2011

      Reader, I loved them

      ...basic American ambivalence over its role in the world. Lucy Kellaway, FT management columnist At Last (Picador...this mesmerising tale, amplified by incisive essays from Norman Rosenthal and scorner-turned-admirer Brian Sewell...

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