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    1. 5 hours ago

      Bibi’s misleading Congress clapometer

      ...enact a fresh layer of sanctions that would sabotage Mr Obama’s Iran nuclear talks, offers...been lobbying for the sanctions bill for more than...failed to push the sanctions bill through Congress...succeed just as the Iran talks near their end...Edward Luce

    2. 8 hours ago

      Downing Street behind challenge to Fridman’s North Sea deal

      ...fears of the effect of future sanctions against Russia. The UK government...repeat of what happened when sanctions were imposed on Iran, which led in 2010 to the shutdown...not be caught out by future sanctions. A senior coalition figure...Jim Pickard and Christopher Adams

    3. 9 hours ago

      Netanyahu’s brazen challenge to Obama

      ...Israel. Even then, US sanctions on Iran should still be kept in...allies would ease the sanctions that are crippling Iran’s economy. That is Mr...gradual relaxation of sanctions should be linked explicitly to Iran’s compliance. Any...

    1. 10 hours ago

      Obama pushes power of weaponised finance to its limits

      ...failing to comply with US sanctions on Sudan, Iran and Cuba — a penalty that...whether Commerzbank violated US sanctions against Sudan, Iran and Cuba, as well as North Korea and Myanmar. If sanctions are imposed, they must be...Ian Bremmer

    2. 11 hours ago

      Iran deal would create ‘nuclear nightmare’, Netanyahu warns

      ...nuclear agreement with Iran, arguing that more sanctions on the Iranian regime...the past decade that sanctions alone are not sufficient to prevent Iran from pursuing its...standstill Further reading Sanctions on Iran should only be relaxed...Geoff Dyer in Washington

    3. The World

      13 hours ago

      Live: Netanyahu's speech to Congress

      ...where under the pressure of more sanctions Iran has to stop its aggressive foreign policy behavior to get sanctions relief. But it’s far from over...nosed arguments. A deal would leave Iran with a truncated nuclear weapons program...Mark Odell

    4. 19 hours ago

      Iran hit by Indian crude purchase cuts

      ...already grappling with sanctions and a lower oil price. Iran holds nearly 10 per cent...has imposed economic sanctions against Iran in response to the country...prices further. Although Iran has sidestepped western sanctions through tens of...Anjli Raval, Oil and Gas Correspondent

    5. The World

      19 hours ago

      Netanyahu plays Churchill in Washington

      ...with only one option – war with Iran. The Israeli government denies that...arguing for an intensification of sanctions. But the Americans think that intensifying sanctions would simply lead to Iran breaking off talks – which would...Gideon Rachman

    6. 21 hours ago

      Netanyahu on Iran — an assessment

      ...with regret, the sanctions regime has started...interim deal with Iran was first struck...The phasing out of sanctions will depend on years...good behaviour from Iran. September 2012...many long-term Iran watchers believe...to the punishing sanctions regime and is willing...Sam Jones in London

    7. March 2, 2015

      The case for blocking Russia in the North Sea

      ...designed to insulate them from sanctions, Mr Davey was unpersuaded...which was hit in 2011 by western sanctions on Iran. Far from the UK requiring the...They will only be disbursed when sanctions are lifted. But the circumstances...

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