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    1. 3 hours ago

      It is financial crashes we should fear, not those in aeroplanes

      ...investigators have been allowed to do a thorough job without political interference. The most notable exception was the attempt by Egypt, under the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak, to influence the findings of US investigators into the loss of EgyptAir 990 in 1999...John Kay

    2. 19 hours ago

      Middle East economies: Balancing the books proves difficult

      ...reduce the fiscal burden of energy subsidy schemes. Yet Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia have all...lies in the balance of payments and government finances. Egypt Egypt has slashed the level of energy subsidies by about a third...Gavin Jackson

    3. 19 hours ago

      Egypt expects building boom in resilient real estate market

      Real estate in Egypt has shown resilience as political turmoil...value. New capital: Plans to cut gridlock Egypt unveiled ambitious plans this month to...over 40 years, says Mostapha Madbouly, Egypt’s housing minister. Ministries would...Heba Saleh

    1. 19 hours ago

      Instability and oil price plunge in the Arab world end boom years

      ...background and are driving event risk.” Egypt’s rating fell six notches on the revolution...regional instability, has dropped a notch. Egypt, the vital pivot in the Arab world...billions of dollars of economic aid to Egypt. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) alone...Simeon Kerr

    2. 19 hours ago

      Falling cost of solar offers solace after halving of oil price

      ...rushing to adopt the technology. Faced with an energy crisis after four years of turmoil in the wake of the 2011 Arab uprisings, Egypt has set itself the goal of sourcing 20 per cent of its electricity from renewables by 2020. The government has implemented reforms...Siona Jenkins

    3. March 30, 2015

      ‘Grexodus’ offers more optimism than the spectre of ‘Grexit’

      ...example, the original Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible did not refer to the Children of Israel’s exit from the Land of Egypt. Rather, it referred to their exodus. The second argument is more substantive. “Grexit” has a negative connotation in that...

    4. March 29, 2015

      Middle East tensions heighten as pressure builds over Yemen

      ...war, Arab leaders concluded a summit in Egypt by claiming they would form a joint Arab force...apprehension, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt told the weekend Arab League summit that there...tried to improve fraught relations between Egypt and Turkey, while Riyadh’s recent...Geoff Dyer in Washington, Heba Saleh in Cairo and Sam Jones in Lausanne

    5. March 29, 2015

      US counters Iran as Middle East conundrum confronts Obama

      ...relations with two of its closest regional allies, Israel and Egypt, while President Barack Obama was forced to admit last week that more...to rebuild regional alliances that stretch from the Gulf to Egypt and to give our allies assurances that we are with them...Geoff Dyer in Washington

    6. March 28, 2015

      Arab League agrees to set up joint force to counter Iran and Isis

      ...president who was forced to flee the country. Egypt, with one of the biggest armies in the Arab...religion, doctrine, sect or ethnicity.” Egypt is particularly concerned at the rise...ungoverned North African country, which borders Egypt, beheaded 22 Egyptian workers in February...Heba Saleh in Cairo

    7. March 28, 2015

      Yemen’s ousted president vetoes ceasefire

      ...continue until “the Houthi gang surrenders, withdraws from government institutions and gives up arms”. Saudi Arabia and Egypt affirmed the legitimacy of Mr Hadi, who had been held under house arrest by the Houthis before escaping to Saudi Arabia via...Peter Salisbury

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