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      Modernism and Paul Strand

      ...visual mumbling, well-intentioned but short on rhetorical strength. From the 1950s he lived in France, and made trips to Egypt and Morocco as well as Ghana. Strand worked in those places in photographs, as this exhibition makes plain, as a kind...Francis Hodgson

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      More exhibitions including Egon Schiele and Edward Steichen

      ...the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII). Through Bedford’s images, this show documents the four-month journey across Egypt, Palestine and the Holy Land, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece, where the Prince met rulers and politicians and travelled...Jackie Wullschlager

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      Med becomes a no-man’s land for migrants

      ...Mr al-Jebri says of the attackers who sank the migrants’ boat. Mr al-Jebri and other survivors say their passage to Egypt and then across the Mediterranean was arranged by a Palestinian-Syrian smuggler called Fouad al-Gamal, known as Abu Hamada...Tom Burgis in London, Lobna Monieb in Cairo and James Politi in Rome

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      Burkina Faso coup threatens western campaign against Islamists

      ...extremism in the semi-desert south of the Sahara. Much as the Arab spring toppled western allies in north Africa such as Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, what demonstrators called Burkina’s “black spring” led to the resignation of President Blaise...Javier Blas – Africa Editor

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      Mediterranean migrants test our humanity – and we have failed

      ...People traffickers, many of them based in Egypt, have also been more than happy to take...will not hurt the people traffickers (in Egypt, only one has ever been arrested...do more to pressure the governments of Egypt and other north African departure nations...

    3. 6 hours ago

      Demolition dreams: the world’s ‘worst’ buildings

      ...Mogamma building that looms over Tahrir Square. It symbolises the downturns and despair of the military-led socialism that Egypt is still attempting to leave behind. Many Egyptians and foreigners have ambled through its hallways, struggling against its...FT correspondents

    4. 8 hours ago

      Traoré assumes power in Burkina Faso

      ...clients that Mr Compaoré had for close to three decades been France’s “point man” in west Africa, much the same as Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak was for the US in the Middle East until his fall from power in 2011. Mr Spio-Garbrah wrote: “Compaoré...Javier Blas – Africa Editor

    5. 9 hours ago

      Karim Seghir, American University in Cairo

      ...and entrepreneurs in an attempt to help Egypt develop economically following the Arab Spring...contemplate, but one that is vital in Egypt, where 50 per cent of the population are under...spite of the political and social issues in Egypt, the AUC has developed a formidable international...Della Bradshaw

    6. October 30, 2014

      Military seizes power in Burkina Faso

      ...note to clients that Mr Compaoré has for nearly three decades been France’s ‘point man’ in west Africa, much like Egypt’s former President Hosni Mubarak was America’s in the Middle East until his fall from power in 2011. “Compaoré...Javier Blas, Africa Editor

    7. beyondbrics

      October 30, 2014

      Money, and a new fridge, can buy happiness - survey

      ...past seven years; in China, satisfaction grew by 26 percentage points. Mexico was the most satisfied country in the world; Egypt the least (see chart below). The results of the survey seem to show a direct relationship between GDP growth and increased...Mian Ridge

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