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    1. January 21, 2015

      The never-ending wait for Britain’s Iraq inquiry

      ...totality of UK policy on Iraq from 2001 to 2009. It might...inquiries into aspects of the Iraq conflict. All of them...the government scientist David Kelly, were widely savaged as...it is essential that the Iraq inquiry is published soon...

    2. January 21, 2015

      Cameron frustrated by delayed Chilcot inquiry into Iraq war

      ...happening. I voted for the Iraq war and I now feel that I was led...official examination of the Iraq war: in 2003-2004 there...inquiry into the death of David Kelly, the weapons scientist...government used intelligence on Iraq ahead of the invasion...Jim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

    3. November 14, 2014

      Players on a global stage

      ...Midsummer Night’s Dreams and Iraq-war Henry Vs. Other classics...unfolding history in personal terms. David Hare’s adaptation of...writers such as Simon Stephens, David Greig and Dennis Kelly have struck up on-going international...Matt Trueman

    1. February 19, 2014

      Phone-hacking trial: Tony Blair offered to be ‘adviser’, jury told

      ...inquiry into the death of weapons expert David Kelly in 2003. Ms Brooks sent the...circumstances which led to the death of Mr Kelly, the weapons expert. The peer...of misleading the country over the Iraq war. According to the email, Mr...By Jane Croft

    2. July 26, 2013

      Atoms for Peace, Roundhouse, London

      ...version of “Harrowdown Hill”, from Yorke’s 2006 solo album The Eraser, about the suicide of the Iraq weapons inspector Dr David Kelly – given added heft tonight by an explosive outbreak of beats and flashing lights: a conspiracy theory...By Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

    3. May 31, 2013

      A Picasso for the Facebook age

      ...Time” is a group of amateur portraits by UK prisoners, depicting British figures connected to the Iraq war, including weapons inspector David Kelly. The mural “We Sit Starving Amidst Our Gold” imagines William Morris as a colossus, tossing...By Jackie Wullschlager

    4. November 10, 2012

      BBC director-general Entwistle resigns

      ...Hutton report into the death of the government scientist David Kelly. Mr Kelly had been identified as the source of a BBC story that the...an intelligence report to justify going to war in Iraq. Mr Davie, 45, is a Cambridge graduate in English...By Ben Fenton, Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson and Hannah Kuchler

    5. October 22, 2012

      Savile takes toll as cover-up fears grow

      ...intelligence dossier to strengthen the case for invading Iraq, a government scientist identified as the source was...home. The public inquiry into the report, the death of David Kelly and the BBC’s handling of the affair led to the resignation...By Robert Budden and Ben Fenton

    6. September 16, 2012

      Hillsborough panel seen as template

      ...ended, as at Hillsborough, with David Cameron, the prime minister, apologising...Hutton’s inquiry into the death of David Kelly, the weapons expert, was so limited...inquiry into the lessons learnt from the Iraq war. Richard Lissack QC, who has...By Andrew Bounds

    7. June 22, 2012

      Spin that

      ...aftermath of the invasion of Iraq. For most of this two-year...startling insights about the Iraq war or about Blair...Afghanistan, and then Iraq, are at the centre. The...of the weapons inspector David Kelly will doubtless continue to excite...Review by Philip Stephens

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