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    1. 3 hours ago

      Fewer scruples, but a greater investment risk to worry about

      ...there is substantial investment risk embedded within fossil fuel industries...be exposed to the financial risk of holding those assets. The...significantly greater investment risk to be concerned about. Every...more about the nature of their counterparty than any other seller of an...

    2. June 23, 2015

      Moody’s to reassess clearing house risks

      ...potential source of systemic risk is triggering a reassessment...cover potential losses should a counterparty default, with the aim of reducing credit risk and averting the kind of derivative...observers have warned concentrating risk in one place increases the systemic...Joe Rennison, New York

    3. June 22, 2015

      Clearing houses reduce risk, they do not eliminate it

      ...market moves against it; its sole risk exposure is to the credit of its...strong capital structures and robust risk-management capabilities. In these conditions, clearing can lower counterparty risk, reduce interconnectedness among...Gary Cohn

    1. June 18, 2015

      Repo market faces structural challenge

      ...capital rules to bolster risk standards, but that...borrowing cash with one counterparty and lending to another...help reduce the credit risk between buyers and sellers...house, with a confirmed counterparty, would also give funds better...Joe Rennison and Philip Stafford

    2. FT Alphaville

      June 18, 2015

      On the robustness of cryptobonds and crypto settlement

      ...transferred until cleared funds/assets are visible in a respective counterparty’s wallet. But that doesn’t necessarily mean settlement delay...securities in question”. It can’t, however, overcome the risk that the assets have already been promised to someone else...Izabella Kaminska

    3. June 16, 2015

      LCH. Clearnet sounds alarm over declining use of repo

      ...from repo, Dennis McLaughlin, chief risk officer for LCH.Clearnet said it could...clients to cover potential losses should a counterparty default. European regulation prevents them...due to it being seen as a high credit counterparty. “If banks would not want cash from...Joe Rennison and Philip Stafford

    4. June 16, 2015

      Saudi Arabia equity market opening just the start

      ...a couple of hours to receive the cash from investors and pass on the security. That leaves investors with a large counterparty risk with the broker. By contrast Europe is on a two-day settlement cycle (T+2) while the US has a three-day...Philip Stafford

    5. June 9, 2015

      Investors in switch from CME to LCH

      ...an incentive to move to LCH, Risk.net reported. And some have...trade. Chatham Financial, a risk management consultancy, said one...said Luke Zubrod, director of risk and regulatory advisory at Chatham...agreement between a bank and its counterparty, he said. Now, instead of...Joe Rennison

    6. June 9, 2015

      LME puts its foot on the high-speed pedal to attract volume

      ...trading volume, metals exchanges are increasingly dealing with a counterparty that has become controversial in equity markets: the “black...normal liquidity providers aren’t stepping in and taking any risk at the moment — that’s part of the problem with the market...By Henry Sanderson

    7. June 7, 2015

      American securities law is clear on insider trading — public or private

      ...unambiguously illegal if the insider owes the issuer or their counterparty a fiduciary obligation and then buys or sells shares...public or private company. Arguably, there is greater social risk for potential purchasers of shares in secondary transactions...

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