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    1. May 8, 2015

      ‘Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future’, by Martin Ford

      ...inexorably squeezing our rewards in the jobs market. Ford’s answer is to pay every adult a minimum basic income — or a “citizens dividend”. There is logic to his remedy but not much realism. My forecast is that cars will fly before that...Review by Edward Luce

    2. FT Alphaville

      April 8, 2015

      Iceland's grand monetary experiment?

      ...Private debts, as a share of national income, fell by about 100 percentage points during...the national debt, give everyone a “citizens bonus”, or lend to financial firms on...funds that invest in emerging market fixed income, and that monetary policymakers should...Matthew C Klein

    3. January 30, 2015

      The basic problem with basic income is basic mathematics

      ...Greens’ plan, citizens’ income would replace many social security...low earners’ exemption from income tax. So what difference would...according to analysis by the Citizens Income Trust, a campaign group. Hardly...John McDermott

    1. January 30, 2015

      City Insider: Hampton destined to stay on shore

      ...social purpose”. But bankers needn’t fret. The third-biggest political party by members is proposing a citizens income of £71 a week to cover people’s basic needs and buy them a “sense of security”. That’s enough for a côte de...Edited by Harriet Agnew

    2. January 28, 2015

      Free Lunch: Radicals in Greece and beyond

      ...serious attention: the Greens' support for a "citizen's income". Chris Dillow's blog explains in good detail...policy. More commonly known as universal basic income or negative income tax, it involves an unconditional regular cash...Martin Sandbu

    3. January 27, 2015

      Greens plan to shake up City of London and drop reliance on growth

      ...Every adult would be given a “citizens income” of £71 a week to cover basic...the tax-free allowances in income tax and national insurance would...first pound of earned or unearned income. The Greens also propose a wealth...Barney Thompson and Chris Giles

    4. beyondbrics

      November 3, 2014

      Will Ecuador's success stand up to cheap oil?

      ...president sustain the achievements of his “citizens revolution” that have underpinned his popularity...Opec governor. “If there is less oil income it will run out of alternatives...to about $30. “What happens if oil income falls? We’ll reduce investments. It will...Andres Schipani

    5. October 18, 2014

      Citizens Advice and TPAS to provide pension guidance

      ...not include the industry-backed Money Advice Service. The Citizens Advice Bureau, an independent charity, and The Pensions...The guidance is designed to raise awareness of retirement income options from April 2015, when savers will have new freedom...Josephine Cumbo, Pensions Correspondent

    6. September 8, 2014

      Citizens: freedom is hard work

      ...200m are welcome. Plans to boost fee income would, however, buck the prevailing trend: fee income at US banks fell to $32.5bn last year...assets is worrisome. It threatens to dilute Citizens vanilla appeal, especially combined with...

    7. beyondbrics

      May 19, 2014

      Guest post: what India expects of Modi

      ...food, fuels and power and fund households below a certain income level through vouchers, which can be used for food, education...government arms—the judiciary and the police—which protect a citizens rights and best epitomize how a citizen perceives his or her...guest writer

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