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    1. February 27, 2015

      How to buy a car

      ...more expensive to buy, and their superior fuel economy only offsets these higher costs over fairly high mileages — typically...costs Car tax (vehicle excise duty) is calculated based on carbon dioxide emissions; cars with very low emissions are in band...Jonathan Eley

    2. December 9, 2014

      Forests could offset 12 per cent of European emissions

      ...as possible. So there is a place for carbon emissions being “stored underground or...forest cover at 42 per cent of our land mass offsets 10 per cent of the EU’s emissions...should maximise the use of wood (embedded carbon) instead of energy intensive concrete...

    3. June 5, 2014

      Technology, not carbon caps, will reduce emissions

      ...via fiat, there is in practice no such thing as a carbon cap. Where carbon caps have been attempted, such as in the European...clever legislators have used gimmicks, such as carbon offsets, or set caps unrealistically high so that negative...

    1. May 20, 2014

      Congo to world: pay us $1bn to save our rainforests ... or else

      ...Westminster meeting, described the country’s forests as a carbon store of “global importance” but did not make any firm funding commitments. Forestry carbon offsets are controversial because critics say it is hard to prove...By Pilita Clark in London

    2. December 5, 2013

      Autumn Statement 2013: The chancellor’s speech

      ...by businesses by 2019 that, in their words, “more than offsets” the million or so reduction in the public sector headcount. So...in a way that supports the lowest income families. Reduces carbon. Supports investment in our energy infrastructure. And as...By

    3. June 16, 2013

      Environment: Industry backs moves to reduce emissions

      ...system, the world’s largest carbon market. The EU plan was...less than 3 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions, but say...produced after 2020 by buying carbon permits generated from projects...system (which limits the use of offsets) because it would not lower...By Pilita Clark, Environment Correspondent

    4. November 28, 2012

      Green bank powers up

      ...home, and Edinburgh. “We’ll have to watch our carbon footprint and we’ll have to watch the additional time...he says. He says he will personally pay for the carbon offsets to balance his emissions, and staff will be encouraged...By Pilita Clark, Environment Correspondent

    5. November 9, 2012

      The Inventory: Karim Rashid

      ...and creating one world where there are no borders, no boundaries. Do you consider your carbon footprint? I fly way too much. I buy carbon offsets for all my flights. Do you have more than one home? I have homes in New York, Miami Beach...Interview by Hester Lacey

    6. October 16, 2012

      Auto: Businessman’s conversion may prove priceless

      ...electric cars. He says that in Turkey more than a quarter of carbon emissions come from 2 per cent of cars. He believes such...well as environmental sense, since lower cost per kilometre offsets the price of conversion. That is why Mr Boyner, whose family...By Daniel Dombey

    7. October 2, 2012

      UN-led carbon market ‘close to collapse’

      ...the world’s largest carbon market, the EU’s emissions...forces companies whose carbon emissions exceed certain...also use CERs and other offsets to meet their emission...veteran London-based carbon analyst Trevor Sikorski...First, the number of offsets in the EU trading system...By Pilita Clark, Environment Correspondent

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