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    1. November 21, 2014

      Letter from Lex: autumn winds

      ...employer, the New York Fed. ● We also examined the ownership of that never-ending source of pain, the New York Knicks basketball team. Still, we are not myopic misanthropes. We’re happy to take a look at companies for whom headaches are a relatively...

    2. November 20, 2014

      Man on mission to bring US-style razzmatazz to English football

      ...the money. What sport needs is razzmatazz, he says. “In America, it’s entertainment. It’s not basketball, it’s basketball entertainment. We get dancers, cheerleaders and DJs, contests and videoboards.” The 65-year-old has...Emma Jacobs

    3. Other countries excel at football or <b>basketball</b>, but S...
      November 19, 2014

      November 19, 2014

      South Korea's online sports stars

      Other countries excel at football or basketball, but South Korea is stronger in competitive computer gaming than even the US. The FT’s Simon Mundy trains with a team of StarCraft players to see how this lucrative sport – and business – is evolving.4m 53secs

    1. November 19, 2014

      Cablevision: Fortunate Son

      The Dolans are not the most famous media family in the world. However in New York, their ownership of the Knicks basketball team makes them iconic. Gary Silverman and Sujeet Indap discuss the Dolan empire.4m 11secs

    2. November 18, 2014

      Cablevision: fortunate son

      ...strumming boss of the perpetually inept New York Knicks basketball team. It is a plum job obtained through his status as scion...or worse, Mr Dolan could then fully devote himself to his basketball team. Email the Lex team at lex@ft.com

    3. November 14, 2014

      The riddle of the Japanese garden in a Polish park

      ...the 1960s was to host EuroBasket 1963. This occasion was not an early rally for Ukip. It was a Europe-wide competition of basketball. Famous speakers in the hall, meanwhile, have covered most of the cultural bases of Europe. They include Adolf Hitler in...Robin Lane Fox

    4. FT Alphaville

      November 11, 2014

      MLPs and the NCAA

      ...Football Coach and the Head Men’s Basketball Coach. As of May 12, 2014, each...donation were: The football and basketball coach each were allocated 175...from fielding winning football are basketball teams may be substantial. And...Sujeet Indap

    5. November 9, 2014

      Hyperactive vigilance of the NCAA

      ...interview that her ambition was to play basketball for the University of Connecticut, its...revenue-producing ones – football and basketball – both proving grounds for the professional...the gridiron stadium, $100m on the basketball arena and several millions (the equivalent...By Jurek Martin

    6. November 5, 2014

      Time Warner raises profit forecast

      ...Warner was also committed to a “strong” pay-television business. He cited the recent renewal with Disney of National Basketball Association rights as “the kind of must-have content that makes the TV bundle so value to consumers and it makes our networks...Shannon Bond in New York

    7. November 4, 2014

      NYSE boss Thomas Farley sees value in trading floor

      ...confront that, Mr Farley will need to live up to his nickname. A former Georgetown University baseball player, he mostly plays basketball now and was dubbed “Solid” by John Strickland, a famous street ballplayer. He rises at 5.30am for a workout with...Nicole Bullock and Gregory Meyer

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