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    1. May 21, 2015

      Talks over planned takeover of Crystal Palace break down

      ...have made the club the third sports franchise to come under the ownership of the US investor group, which owns the National Basketball League’s Philadelphia 76ers and the National Hockey League’s New Jersey Devils. Lombard: Memory Palace There is...By Arash Massoudi and Malcolm Moore in London and Henny Sender in Hong Kong

    2. May 21, 2015

      Millennial v Boomer: Company calendars full of fibs

      ...standing meeting in his diary at 5pm on certain days each week. I later learned this was when he left to coach his son’s basketball team. Today, I want to be a boss who is authentic and human. If my team knows I’m leaving early to go to the opera...Brynne Herbert and Mrs Moneypenny

    3. May 18, 2015

      WPP to launch sports rights agency

      ...new agency to represent the likes of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team, Manchester City of the English Premier League, and the...example.” The Cavaliers include LeBron James, the National Basketball Association’s leading player. The new agency will build...Malcolm Moore and Robert Cookson in London

    1. May 17, 2015

      Ball doctoring in sport is the oldest game in town

      Roughly 30 years ago, a National Basketball Association referee was testing a game ball just before the opening tip-off. He spotted George Gervin, the renowned shooter...Jurek Martin

    2. May 17, 2015

      The Botox initiation of Brent Saunders, Actavis chief executive

      ...Family: Married, two children Interests: Family; college basketball Mr Saunders has been seller or buyer in more than $100bn...however, find time to indulge his passion for watching college basketball, which is “still a team game”, unlike the professional...David Crow

    3. May 15, 2015

      Woody Allen’s newest neurosis is Amazon

      ...ve never seen The Sopranos, or Mad Men . I’m out every night and when I come home, I watch the end of the baseball or basketball game, and there’s Charlie Rose and I go to sleep.” “Amazon kept coming to me and saying, please do this, whatever...Matthew Garrahan in New York

    4. May 15, 2015

      Property in need of a lift: the buyers who relocate entire houses

      ...industrial zone, the surrounding houses were knocked down, apart from the Rees’. Six months ago new plans to build a basketball stadium and a Marriott hotel meant the Harriet F Rees House also had to go. Anticipating protests, the developers agreed...Troy McMullen

    5. May 15, 2015

      Game of talents: management lessons from top football coaches

      ...all areas of performance and team operations. Now he consults sports teams, including the San Antonio Spurs, the American basketball champions. He has identified some sporting lessons for talent management. 1. Big talent usually comes with a big ego. Accept...Mike Forde and Simon Kuper

    6. May 11, 2015

      Rare US bank launch targets ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ values

      ...she says. Community banks are “very much free-market operating. Only the strong survive”. Mr Greiner, an avid basketball player and fly fisherman, is a relatively recent transplant to Bedford. Until 1999 he was living in Boca Raton in Florida...Ben McLannahan

    7. May 10, 2015

      Washington left behind in the race for sporting prowess

      ...Two of its four sporting teams — the basketball Wizards, without their best player, and...boast all four major sports: football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey. They do...years ago but compensates by having two basketball teams, both themselves imports...Jurek Martin

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