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    1. March 30, 2015

      Jeb Bush defends controversial ‘religious freedom’ bill

      ...also expressed concerns, with some prominent athletes calling for a boycott of Indiana. The NCAA is to host the Final Four basketball tournament — one of the country’s most popular sporting events — in Indianapolis this week. Proponents of the law...Neil Munshi in Chicago, Tim Bradshaw in San Francisco and Demetri Sevastopulo in Washington

    2. March 29, 2015

      Catching March Madness and the Japanese college connection

      ...Washington, was playing North Carolina in the NCAA collegiate basketball final in New Orleans and I felt this overpowering need to be...come to mind but they cannot compare with March Madness, the basketball tournament now in its climactic stages, and high school baseball...Jurek Martin

    3. March 22, 2015

      Sports and politics: not always a happy marriage

      ...flame out early. It is magnified in the US, as most things are. They were all going to be president: Bill Bradley of the basketball court and the Democrats; Jack Kemp and J.C. Watts, quarterbacks and Republicans. Bradley was even known as “Mr President...Matthew Engel

    1. March 20, 2015

      Major League Soccer arrives in New York with NYCFC

      ...that continues to lag domestic rivals such as baseball and basketball. It has pledged to build its own stadium for NYCFC but, for now...Gridiron football’s NFL and the North American baseball, basketball and ice-hockey major leagues have no credible competitors...Matthew Garrahan

    2. March 19, 2015

      Internet TV: the cord cutters bringing some sanity to US viewing

      ...television — from Game of Thrones to this month’s college basketball tournament — is changing in ways that would have sounded...including Fox, the aforementioned “March Madness” basketball and shows such as Walking Dead. Would-be cord cutters will...Tim Bradshaw

    3. March 18, 2015

      WeChat hits 500m users as Tencent misses analysts’ forecasts

      ...to a Reuters poll but performance was weighed down by the costs of content deals with the likes of HBO and the US National Basketball Association. Revenue grew 24 per cent to Rmb20.98bn, slightly higher than forecasts, driven mainly by online gaming revenues...Charles Clover in Beijing

    4. March 16, 2015

      Sotheby’s taps Tad Smith to be chief executive

      ...replace Bill Ruprecht at the auction house on March 31. Madison Square Garden is best known as the owner of the New York Knicks basketball and the New York Rangers ice hockey teams, and owns the eponymous multipurpose indoor arena on Eighth Avenue in midtown Manhattan...Elizabeth Paton

    5. March 15, 2015

      Beauty of sport can be lost in the glorification of naked power

      ...blazing 100mph strikeouts in baseball, high-flying dunks in basketball, long bombs in football, 350-yard drives in golf, spectacular...He was an avatar of democracy. Just about everybody in basketball can dunk these days but games are won by the little things...Jurek Martin in Washington

    6. March 15, 2015

      Commentary so beautiful it would ‘make an onion cry’

      ...hockey, supposedly the third US winter sport after football and basketball, as, sometimes, does beIN sports. Enthusiasm in sports...home team, be it city or country, is involved. College basketball still has its Dick Vitale, gushing all over the court, and...Jurek Martin

    7. March 13, 2015

      Wall Street investors close in on Crystal Palace deal

      ...Crystal Palace would be the third sports franchise to come under the ownership of the group, which already owns the National Basketball League’s Philadelphia 76ers and the National Hockey League’s New Jersey Devils. The deal comes as the value of broadcast...Arash Massoudi in London, Henny Sender in New York and Josh Noble in Hong Kong

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