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    1. May 21, 2013

      Intel eyes expansion in mobile market

      ...dramatically increase their battery life. “Silvermont” Atom processors launched this month for phones and tablets will make...wireless competitors such as San Diego-based Qualcomm. “I think Atom is moving forward but it’s an uphill battle,” says Nathan...By Chris Nuttall in San Francisco

    2. FT Tech Hub

      May 6, 2013

      Intel powers down with Atomic Silvermont

      ...unveiled the capabilities of a power-frugal Atom processor it says will make it more competitive...more peak performance than the previous Atom generation or five times lower power demands...Intel has failed to win wide adoption for Atom as an alternative to chips based on designs...Chris Nuttall

    3. May 2, 2013

      Chip off the old block takes helm at Intel

      ...a chip] that are going into smartphones,” he says. “Intel has been trying to penetrate that market for years with its Atom designs, but the way I see it ultimately participating in that market in a major way is when they strike a relationship with the...By Chris Nuttall in San Francisco

    1. February 12, 2013

      Intel to launch internet-based TV service

      ...decided to stop pursuing the smart TV market as a target for its Atom microprocessors. Its chips were in the first Google TV products...set-top box launched successfully in France using Intel’s Atom processor.By Chris Nuttall in San Francisco

    2. FT Tech Hub

      January 7, 2013

      CES 2013 - Intel promises all-day power

      Intel has unveiled new Atom processors for tablets and smartphones...where the Motorola Droid Razr i with an Atom processor beats the iPhone 5 on performance...Qualcomm processor, he says. 1.05pm The Atom platform codenamed Lexington is introduced...Chris Nuttall

    3. FT Tech Hub

      December 11, 2012

      Intel fights Arm in data centres with new Atom

      Intel has launched its first Atom processor for data centres, defending its...based on designs of the UK’s Arm. The Atom S1200 (pictured) product family, formerly...microservers” densely packed with the smaller Atom processors would perform different functions...Chris Nuttall

    4. FT Tech Hub

      December 5, 2012

      HP evolves hybrids with Revolve

      ...dock with keyboards and special “jackets”, unveiled in October and going on sale next month. While that featured Intel Atom processors, the Revolve has more powerful Core i3, i5 and i7 options. It has a solid-state drive, which helps it achieve...Chris Nuttall

    5. FT Tech Hub

      October 15, 2012

      Acer unveils Windows 8 all-in-ones

      ...notebook and, with a twist of the screen, there is a viewing video mode where the dock becomes a stand. It runs on an Intel Atom processor and the screen is not Full HD at 1366×768. Acer executives were undecided when I spoke to them about whether to...Chris Nuttall

    6. FT Tech Hub

      September 28, 2012

      Intel launches Atom for tablets and hybrids

      Intel has introduced the low-power Atom processor – codenamed Clover Trail – that...devices called Windows RT). Second, Atom processors contain security features that...enterprises looking at tablets and third, Atom is getting much closer to the lower power...Chris Nuttall

    7. FT Tech Hub

      September 12, 2012

      Intel touts conversions to the faithful at IDF

      ...also produce a line of Haswell processors that will draw only around 10 watts, creating a new category between its low-power Atom processor and higher-performance Core ones. The company is mulling a new brand for this and its sweet spot seems to be convertibles...Chris Nuttall

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