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    1. February 23, 2015

      Iraq’s cash crisis forces salary squeeze

      ...of the Development Fund of Iraq, worth $18bn in 2013...prices and the rise of Isis.” Iraq’s economy, although riddled...acknowledged, adding that he is paying Iraq’s bills month by month...deferment of this year’s war reparations payment to Kuwait — Baghdad...Borzou Daragahi in Baghdad

    2. September 30, 2013

      Ankara takes slow road to rapprochement with Israel

      ...restoring ties. The two countries were also meant to agree on reparations, and Israel was to lift is blockade on Gaza, whose ruling...he further strained relations with that country, Iran, and Iraq. Gallia Lindenstrauss, a Turkey specialist with the Institute...By John Reed in Jerusalem

    3. January 30, 2013

      Add another $1tn in Iraq reparations

      ...there can be no mention of any US reparations to Iraq. This lack of even any discussion of reparations seems extremely hypocritical, particularly given that Iraq was forced to pay huge reparations for its attack on Kuwait in 1990...

    1. December 19, 2012

      FT interview with Chuck Hagel

      ...what we did before we invaded Iraq. I think a senseless invasion...much money was going back to Iraq, and how much was being paid out on war reparations, for example, so Kuwait...west require. FT: And, on Iraq, what role should the US...By Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Washington

    2. April 16, 2012

      Foreign relations: Diplomacy shifts up a gear as tensions rise in the Gulf

      ...annual Arab League summit for Iraq to pay and invest $500m settle...build a port to compete with Iraq’s Grand Al-Faw terminal just...still paying almost $40bn of reparations – there is also a pragmatic strand...have an open relationship with Iraq.” The Iraq detente...By Michael Peel

    3. March 29, 2012

      Blasts shake Baghdad as Iraq hosts summit

      ...unhappiness in the Gulf over both Iraq’s political direction...near-seven month occupation. Iraq still has to pay just less than...the $39bn it owes Kuwait in reparations over the invasion, while...project launched earlier by Iraq. The Kuwaiti diplomatic...By Michael Peel in Baghdad

    4. March 28, 2012

      Iraq battles to return to normality

      ...special meaning” after Iraq’s “years of being away from...war five years ago, much of Iraq’s progress remains fragile...pouring out to satisfy $17bn in reparations still owed to Kuwait for...precariousness, Rafie al-Esawi, Iraq’s finance minister, issued...By Michael Peel in Baghdad

    5. March 21, 2012

      Iraq launches regional charm offensive

      ...a claim for $1.2bn, Iraq agreed to pay $300m in reparations and another $200m to set...countries, according to the Iraq government. Both countries...relations. Kuwait expects Iraq to keep paying reparations over the invasion, amounting...By Michael Peel and Camilla Hall in Abu Dhabi

    6. January 12, 2012

      Investors alarmed by SFO warning

      ...which paid £6.5m in fines, costs and reparations after admitting bribing public officials...connection with bridge-building in Iraq. The agency acknowledges the parent company...company pay £6.5m in fines, costs and reparations, and two of its directors were sent...By Caroline Binham and Kate Burgess in London

    7. December 12, 2011

      Debt and graft slow Iraq on path to progress

      ...receives 5 per cent of Iraq’s revenues under a complex system of reparations imposed because of Saddam...the World Bank. “Iraq is paying annual reparations to Kuwait under UN supervision...uncertainties surrounding Iraq’s debt position...By James Drummond

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