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    1. July 2, 2015

      Kurdistan bond sale delayed by Iraqi doubts

      ...international markets. Iraq’s longer-dated, 2028 dollar bonds trade at a yield of just over 8 per cent while junk-rated Ecuador recently borrowed over five years at 10.5 per cent, the same rate as quasi-sovereign borrower the Province of Buenos Aires...Elaine Moore and Anjli Raval

    2. June 30, 2015

      LatAm Autos: revved up for online car ads

      ...operating in six countries — Mexico, Ecuador, Panama, Bolivia, Peru and Argentina — through...the company’s headquarters is in Ecuador, but he is planning to move to Mexico...by Skype from LatAm Autos’ office in Ecuador, moved from Australia to...Joe Leahy in São Paulo

    3. June 25, 2015

      Venezuelan bond soars above mounting chaos of shortages

      ...about the likely recovery value for emerging markets [in the event of default]”, Mr Dallen says, with both Argentina and Ecuador offering investors 30c-40c on the dollar when they defaulted. Still, some remain upbeat. The manager of an emerging market...Steve Johnson

    1. June 25, 2015

      UK Foreign Office to review its overseas aid spending

      ...spending highlighted by The Sun included £7,000 on an anti-litter drive in Jordan, £5,000 on workshops about Hamlet in Ecuador and £970 on the “safe and responsible” use of Facebook in Laos. 0.7 per cent Amount of Britain’s annual national...Jim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

    2. June 23, 2015

      Debt default risk not just a Greece story

      ...last summer’s peak, the country has found it increasingly difficult to find the reserves to finance its debt. Elsewhere, Ecuador’s return to markets a few years after defaulting was part of the bond boom that distinguished 2014 and has since retreated...Elaine Moore

    3. June 17, 2015

      Investors look to history to judge Greek default odds

      ...price** (% of PAR) 1998 Russia 18 1999 Pakistan 52 1999 Ecuador 44 2000 Ukraine 69 2000 Ivory Coast* 18 2001 Argentina 27...Dominican Republic 95 2006 Belize 76 2008 Seychelles* 30 2008 Ecuador 28 2010 Jamaica 90 2012 Greece 24 2012 Greece 37 2012 Belize...Elaine Moore

    4. June 12, 2015

      Small-cap Week, June 13

      ...Kavanagh. Under the deal, the group will be allowed to transport at least 5,000 barrels of oil a day from its fields near the Ecuador border, cutting its costs. Final environmental approval for part of the pipeline in southern Colombia is yet to be secured...Bryce Elder

    5. June 11, 2015

      European bloc struggles as Beijing goes high-tech

      ...innovation is a universal imperative.” Professor Hendrik Jonkers: finalist, European Inventor Award, research category Ecuador has obvious attractions for a marine microbiologist, writes Naomi Mapstone. But Hendrik Jonkers’ field of expertise has...Tanya Powley

    6. June 10, 2015

      Iran in Opec limelight as oil pump is primed

      ...be accommodated within Opec’s notional output ceiling, with many producers pumping at full pelt. While the ministers of Ecuador and Iraq gave lukewarm assurances the cartel will make room for Iran’s oil, Opec secretary-general Abdallah El Badri...Anjli Raval, Oil and Gas Correspondent

    7. June 5, 2015

      Opec agrees to keep oil output high in battle for market

      ...November had pushed for production cuts to shore up the market, appear to have resigned themselves to a period of lower prices. Ecuador’s oil minister, Pedro Merizalde, said nobody in the group had requested a cut or a return to Opec’s previous production...Anjli Raval and Neil Hume in Vienna and David Sheppard in London

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