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    1. March 26, 2015

      The case of the vanishing secretary

      ...and 2013, a drop of 44 per cent. That...job losses. Much of this can be attributed...by the Roosevelt Institute, a US non-profit...increasing ability of sophisticated algorithms...a secretary in California and author of Swimming...relationship with technology has not always been...Emma Jacobs

    2. March 18, 2015

      The US energy ideas too crazy for private sector money

      ...money before you run out of your science ideas...to develop and sell technology first conceived at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is making impressive...discussed has been California-based Envia Systems...Ed Crooks

    3. March 6, 2015

      Asian women wielding art-world influence

      ...with our workshop team of up to 15 staff; meanwhile...himself in the medium of print for the next show at the Institute, which opens today...participates in each of the three Art Basel...of the University of California, Berkeley, is...Gareth Harris

    1. March 4, 2015

      The office as somewhere to enjoy

      ...all the hallmarks of a millennial-friendly...centres on a hub of picnic tables and an...headquarters in California, or Facebook...employers as a vital part of attracting, retaining...At a time when technology allows individuals...Chartered Management Institute. “They are used...Hannah Murphy

    2. March 2, 2015

      Artificial intelligence and the fridge

      ...Scientists at places such as the Future of Life Institute based in the US, the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at Cambridge university and the Machine Intelligence Research Institute in California (yes, these really exist) are also...Maija Palmer

    3. February 16, 2015

      Chinese innovation: BGI’s code for success

      ...represent a new model of an international Chinese...executive, a graduate of Beijing University in artificial...international stage. Our technology can change the world.” The evolution of BGI is not a straightforward...as the Beijing Genomics Institute, was created under the...Henny Sender

    4. February 16, 2015

      Gene editing comes of healthcare age

      ...research papers pour out of the world’s labs...increases the efficiency of the process. Last...Stanford University in California published an adaptation of the technology that includes an extra...December Massachusetts Institute of Technology published...Clive Cookson

    5. February 13, 2015

      Google hopes all-or-nothing bet on robot cars will pay off soon

      ...at CMU’s robotics institute, applauded the technology being developed by the...politely dismissive of their limited ambition...company’s home town of Mountain View, California, the technology showed signs of being able to cope with...Richard Waters and Andy Sharman in Mountain View

    6. January 1, 2015

      Annual FT economists’ survey: Living standards forecast to rise

      ...of worker’s share of GDP than the UK...especially if the costs of housing are included as the Institute for Fiscal Studies has...comparison the net wealth of financial corporations...at the University of California-Berkeley, found...Emily Cadman and Chris Giles

    7. December 26, 2014

      Lunch with the FT: Brian Chesky

      ...outdated radio technology may not seem an...chief executive of one of the world...one of northern California’s hot springs...any other part of the world that...produced by the big technology companies. Since Chesky is one of three white male...San Francisco, California 94103 Mac...Tim Bradshaw

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