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    1. May 3, 2015

      ‘The Greening of Asia: The Business Case for Solving Asia’s Environmental Emergency’, by Mark Clifford

      ...projects to save energy or water pay for...crisis, provided Asian companies adopt...per cent of global energy consumption — in...over-investment to renewable energy businesses, especially...financial dilemmas at Asian companies that are...Review by Victor Mallet

    2. April 16, 2015

      Solairedirect sets Paris IPO price range

      ...looking to tap into the rapid growth of the sector, with strong Asian demand expected to lead to the total globally installed to rise...market is exploding because it is now competitive with other energy sources,” said Julien Pourquéry, Solairedirect chief financial...Michael Stothard, Paris

    3. March 3, 2015

      The riches and perils of the fossil-fuel age

      ...likely path of global energy markets to 2035...propositions about a plausible energy future. First, global...115 per cent by 2035. Asian emerging economies...demand for commercial energy. Second, as a result...and 2035, output of renewable energy is forecast to...Martin Wolf

    1. March 2, 2015

      Europe must understand the risk of stranded assets

      ...Europe’s new energy security strategy...rising in the Central Asian republics, with...becoming a net energy importer soon...region. Second, renewable energies and energy...additional use of renewable energy, Europe’s consumption...

    2. January 11, 2015

      India turns to new industries for economic revival

      ...gross domestic product, an unusually small share for an Asian developing economy. Mr Modi wants to boost that...years. Piyush Goyal, minister for power, coal and renewable energy, has launched a $250bn plan for power generation and...Victor Mallet, James Crabtree and Amy Kazmin in New Delhi

    3. FT Alphaville

      November 24, 2014

      FirstFT (the new Lunch Wrap)

      Asian stocks surged on China’s interest rate...have raised expectations that neighbouring Asian central banks will follow suit. (FT) In...the past five years that in some markets renewable generation is now cheaper than coal or natural...Amie Tsang

    4. October 23, 2014

      Commodities: A partial pump primer

      ...of $3.64. China, the largest energy consumer in the world, is pulling...crude prices have been a boon for Asian economies, reducing costs for businesses...prices could also help the car and renewable energy industries, which account for...By Chris Giles

    5. October 22, 2014

      EU seeks alternative energy suppliers

      ...But the European energy network does not have...s reliance on Russian energy sources would...continent competes with Asian consumers, such as Japan...an example of how deep energy relationships with...accelerating the deployment of renewable energy technologies...Anjli Raval and Henry Foy

    6. September 23, 2014

      IFC launches India’s first Maharaja bond

      ...will use the $100m initially to finance a series of renewable energy deals. Mr Hua said he expected to exhaust the entire...international body has raised onshore rupee debt. The Asian Development Bank sold a bond worth about $80m at current...By James Crabtree in Mumbai

    7. beyondbrics

      September 2, 2014

      Guest post: UK investors dive into Indian debt

      ...listed Indian renewable energy business and its bond...first issued by an Indian renewable. More importantly though...against specified Indian renewable energy assets held by about...investors from various Asian markets. The significant...guest writer

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