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    1. May 27, 2015

      US risks missing emissions goals, study says

      ...global deal on climate change in Paris at the end of...renewed focus on water and climate change, as the southern US is...or break many existing climate goals. To meet the Obama...26-28 per cent from 2005 levels by 2025, the...Barney Jopson in Washington

    2. May 26, 2015

      Duda’s agenda: the new Polish president’s inbox

      ...s party was last in power between 2005 and 2007, a period marked by insularity...power to block any potential EU treaty change. Defence: Like his vanquished opponent...proposals that may make Poland’s business climate more protectionist. The Big Read Poland...Henry Foy in Warsaw

    3. Brussels Blog

      May 19, 2015

      Timmermans interview: the annotated transcript

      ...already amount to applying a treaty change that was never really applied. So...institutions that at some stage you change the rules. But I could only envisage that...the main challenges we face – climate change, we haven’t even talked about...Peter Spiegel

    1. May 19, 2015

      Great Barrier Reef: Battle under the sea

      ...ruin our economy on the altar of climate change,” Julie Bishop, foreign minister...emissions reduction target at the Paris climate change summit this year, said when asked...cent of reefs were affected. In 2005, the US lost half of its coral...Jamie Smyth

    2. May 11, 2015

      When opera takes on the big issues

      ...takes on a current issue of even greater consequence: climate change. Giorgio Battistelli’s CO2, which premieres on May 16...Robert Carsen, both collaborators on Battistelli’s 2005 Richard III. The environmentally conscious opera begins...Rebecca Schmid

    3. May 11, 2015

      Profiles: David Cameron’s ministerial line-up

      ...climate change. However, the former climate change minister’s views are less clear...remains committed to implementing the climate change act”. Priti Patel — employment...unsuccessfully for parliament in the 2005 election. John Whittingdale...John Aglionby and Maggie Fick

    4. May 1, 2015

      Woodstock of Capitalism’s odd couple

      ...been a Berkshire board member since 2005. Their first meeting on July 4 weekend...but you can imagine eventually the climate change crowd saying cars and utilities have...exposed to the winds of technological change. I can’t think of any other company...Stephen Foley

    5. April 30, 2015

      California raises hopes for climate talks

      ...meaningful global climate change agreement will be...advance of the UN climate conference in Paris in...2025 than it did in 2005. But it is unlikely...the Berlin-based Climate Analytics research...investment going to change the status quo...Pilita Clark in London

    6. April 26, 2015

      UK ministers make Gallic gesture to keep the British in BP

      ...British politicians scoffed at France in 2005 when it moved to protect the “strategic...development.” So what has prompted the change of heart? The AstraZeneca case was the catalyst...NHS. Special Report: Energy Volatile climate in the energy sector puts billions at...George Parker, Political Editor

    7. April 26, 2015

      Prince Charles shuns fossil fuel investments

      ...leading voices in the climate debate, including...Prince Charles, a vocal climate action champion, does...investments since at least 2005. The debate around...increasingly outspoken on climate change. But both said they were...Pilita Clark, Environment Correspondent

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