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    Zambia’s copper belt reels as price falls

    The legacy of copper mining on Kitwe, a small but bustling city in the heart of Zambia’s Copperbelt province, isAndrew England in Kitwe

  2. FT Photo Diary



    Rubbish job

    An Indian boy carries recyclable materials past greater adjutant storks at a garbage dumping site on the outskirts ofJamie Han

  3. NEW


    Currency market swings hit global effort to fund vaccinations

    Volatile currency markets have hit efforts to raise $7.5bn for vaccination programmes in the developing world ahead of anAndrew Ward, Pharmaceuticals Correspondent

  1. NEW


    Travel chaos expected as US east coast braced for blizzard

    The east coast of the US was on Monday braced for one of its worst snowstorms, which was expected to cause widespread travelMark Odell and agencies

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    Who will train the new generation of ‘plug and play’ workers?

    Mary Barra is a lifer, born and bred to do the job she now holds. But as General Motors’ chief executive pointed out in anAndrew Hill

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    Japanese carmakers risk ceding self-driving car market to rivals

    Even as electronics starts to dominate carmaking, Japanese executives in the sector scoff at the idea that their industryBy Kana Inagaki in Tokyo

  4. The World



    Is Greek government debt really 177% of GDP?

    The triumph of the anti-austerity Syriza party in Greece’s general election has put back on the table the vexed question ofFerdinando Giugliano

  5. NEW


    Greeks vote to reject austerity

    Greeks voted emphatically this weekend against the austerity policies of the last few years, electing into government a8m 29secs

  6. NEW


    Centre Point moves to high-rise living

    Centre Point’s redevelopment begins Centre Point, the 1960s concrete skyscraper once said to embody the greed of London’sClaer Barrett

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    Train your brain to get you up that steep hill

    Every athlete who engages in endurance sports has had the experience of “hitting the wall,” seemingly running out of fuelCharles Wallace

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