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    City Insider: Weir’s Cochrane leads No charge

    Magnet for the Noes: Keith Cochrane It’s hardly been a triumph of organisation. But Britain’s business community did finally By Harriet Agnew

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    From the editor: Hidden fortunes

    Buried treasure: what better way to ease yourself back into the September office than a tale of billions of dollars’ worth By Hugo Greenhalgh, editor

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    How to ease yourself into the prison experience

    James Hipwell was not prepared for his first day in prison. “Thinking back, I was terrified about what might happen on the By Rochelle Toplensky

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    The business guru: Ofra Strauss

    Ofra Strauss is the chairwoman of Strauss Group, an Israeli food company founded by her grandparents. She joined the By Attracta Mooney

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    How vineyard villains play on the vanity of collectors

    A tarantula, sharks, piranhas, a high-powered laser aimed at the groin, several hungry alligators, more sharks and a tall By Matthew Vincent

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    The joy and pain of owning a racehorse

    Horseracing was once called the sport of kings, but with kings in short supply, it is nowadays more likely to be the By Steve McDowell

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    ‘The New Class Conflict’, by Joel Kotkin – review

    Any serious attempt to understand the US’s current impasse by moving outside the conventional framework should be welcome. By Daniel Ben-Ami

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    Investment focus: India

    Consumers set to be key driver for India Investors in India have enjoyed a heady few months. The election of prime minister By Adam Palin

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    Wealth managers are having to merge to survive as regulation gets tighter

    When Schroders, one of the UK’s oldest asset management companies, bought fellow City institution Cazenove in July 2013, the By Vincent Manancourt

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    Newly floated companies can prove lucrative

    Markets are awash with companies moving to list on the stock market. Social networking company Facebook raised $16bn when it By Jeremy Hazlehurst

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    September 18, 2014

    Victor Mallet on Xi Jinping’s meeting with Narendra Modi

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    September 18, 2014

    Quentin Peel on Europe’s anxieties over Scottish refere...

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    September 18, 2014

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