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    Grading the Federal Reserve’s readability

    To paraphrase Mark Twain, the Federal Reserve didn’t have time to write a short statement, so it wrote a long one. A recentTracy Alloway in New York

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    I see currency wars

    The first rule of currency wars is: you always talk about currency wars. The second rule is: you can always find one to talkDavid Keohane

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    Police called to Tesco stores amid Black Friday chaos

    The pre-Christmas sale known as Black Friday was dubbed Black Eye Friday after fights broke out at predominantly TescoJohn Aglionby, Claer Barrett and Kadhim Shubber

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    Foreign Isis fighters’ western tastes transform Syrian economy

    What do jihadi militants crave on break at the battlefront? Pringles are one frontline favourite. Another is non-alcoholicErika Solomon in Beirut

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    After the speech, the hard grind of persuasion starts

    David Cameron’s long-awaited speech on Europe and immigration finally arrived on Friday, heralded by approbatory headlinesGeorge Parker, Political Editor

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    The elusive efficiency gains of insurance sector M&A

    There is nothing quite like the prospect of “efficiency gains” to persuade shareholders that an ambitious takeover is worthNeil Collins

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    Shares in energy companies fall after Opec decision

    Shares in some of the world’s biggest energy groups have fallen sharply amid warnings that the plunge in oil prices in theChristopher Adams in London and Jonathan Guthrie in New York

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    Ofgem takes action to cut UK energy bills

    UK energy regulator Ofgem has outlined tough annual price controls for power distributors that it claims will cut £2.1bnClaer Barrett

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    Q&A: What migration reforms does David Cameron want from Europe

    Possible EU treaty change, inbuilt discrimination against some migrants, the creation of a second tier of EU workers withAlex Barker in Brussels

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    UK house prices hit record but price growth weakens

    The average price of a UK house hit another record in November but the pace at which values increased slowed for the thirdJohn Aglionby

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