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    Treasury delays Bank of England buy-to-let consultation

    The UK Treasury has sidestepped a request from the Bank of England to be given powers over buy-to-let lending, saying itSam Fleming

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    Realistic approach needed to UK’s low-pay problem

    Weak wage growth has become a chronic condition of the UK economy. According to the Resolution Foundation, a think-tank, the

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    Middle East: Walled in

    When she drinks her morning coffee on the veranda of her house in Bethlehem, Vera Baboun, the city’s mayor, can see newJohn Reed

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    High-yield bond sales dry up in Europe

    Fresh sales of European high-yield bonds have virtually ground to a halt as prices have dropped, according to Standard &Andrew Bolger

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    Scottish Power scales back big East Anglia wind farm

    The company planning to build one of the world’s biggest offshore wind farms off the coast of East Anglia says it has had toPilita Clark, Environment Correspondent

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    Beijing’s challenge to the world of Bretton Woods

    China has been industrious this year in laying the foundations for a Sino-centric financial system. Though the realisation

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    Eastern Europe worst hit by dollar rise

    A third-quarter growth spurt in the US economy and a more hawkish statement by the US Federal Reserve lifted the dollarDelphine Strauss

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    Bunge 3Q results hit by slow farmer selling

    South American farmers have stung Bunge, the global food commodities trader, as they hold out hope that grain prices willGregory Meyer in New York

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    Anglo American slides as break-up hopes recede

    Those betting on an Anglo American break-up may soon be disappointed. Speculators have been buying Anglo ahead of a seminarBryce Elder

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    Rate rise lifts economic hopes in Brazil

    Brazilian markets rallied on Thursday after a surprise increase in interest rates sparked hopes that newly re-electedBy Joe Leahy in São Paulo

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