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    Military men fill top Thai cabinet posts

    Thailand’s junta leader has handed top cabinet jobs to his close military allies and two senior civilian officials who By Michael Peel in Bangkok

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    Elsewhere on Monday, - “If Blair was Teflon man, Brown was Bostik man.” - The ECB and the Bundesbank. - An Olivier Blanchard David Keohane

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    Fed ignores likelihood of lower growth

    The US Federal Reserve may have a problem. When it finally does move to increase short-term interest rates, it may prove too By David Kelly

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    Samsung pushes ahead with group-wide restructuring

    Samsung Group is to merge its shipbuilding and engineering units in its latest restructuring as the South Korean By Song Jung-a in Seoul 

  2. 3 hours ago

    Equities greet new month in upbeat mood

    Monday 08:00 BST. Global stock markets began the new month on an upbeat note, despite weak manufacturing data in China. By Stephen Smith in London and Patrick McGee in Hong Kong

  3. 3 hours ago

    GM to launch cars that can pick up on distracted driving

    Drivers who like to check their email or do their make-up at traffic lights, beware. General Motors, the largest US auto By Sally Davies

  4. 7 hours ago

    Fall in export orders hits UK recovery

    UK manufacturing export orders have turned negative for the first time since the start of 2013, according to a survey that By Brian Groom, Business and Employment Editor

  5. 7 hours ago

    Carlyle enlists Sir Michael Rake to drive planned RAC flotation

    Carlyle has enlisted Sir Michael Rake, the president of the Confederation of British Industry, to spearhead the planned By Anne-Sylvaine Chassany, Private Equity Correspondent

  6. 7 hours ago

    Four out of five universities plan to invest in new facilities

    Four out of five university finance directors are planning significant increases in capital expenditure over the next year By Helen Warrell, Public Policy Correspondent

  7. 7 hours ago

    Boost for Heathrow as CBI states case for hub

    The CBI employers’ lobby has handed Heathrow a boost in its effort to expand, saying it is essential Britain has a single By Jane Wild

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