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    Russia trebles Trust Bank bailout to $1.9bn

    Russia on Friday trebled to Rbs99bn ($1.9bn) the size of the bailout for Trust Bank, which foundered last week amid theKathrin Hille in Moscow

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    How (not) to break the ice at parties

    As many readers grit their teeth and prepare to spend the post-Christmas lull in various states of satiety and sobriety,Tracy Alloway

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    Fire engulfs Libya’s largest oil terminal

    Fire engulfed Libya’s largest oil terminal, almost two weeks into an offensive by Islamist militias attempting to seizeBorzou Daragahi in Beirut

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    Obama hopes for change in Cuban Florida

    The battle for Cuba-American hearts and minds President Barack Obama’s move to normalise US-Cuba relations has the potentialBarney Jopson in Miami

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    Silicon Valley comes under fire in Europe

    The global march of Silicon Valley companies began to face serious resistance in Europe this year, as the continent’sMurad Ahmed

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    Why conversation is enduring a very bad time

    How will 2014 be remembered? For me, it was the year of the bad conversation. Most of you reading this online probably knowGary Silverman

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    Take a stand against the armies of ignorance

    Peshawar? So 2014. So last year. No it isn’t. Peshawar is forever. If the world has any conscience and any courage, theSimon Schama

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    When to follow the investment herd

    “The crowd is untruth,” wrote philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, a proponent of individualism. Existentialism is not muchJames Mackintosh, Investment Editor

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    ScottishPower eyes big expansion of onshore wind energy

    ScottishPower, the UK’s largest generator of wind power, has said it sees plenty of room for expansion in Scotland despiteMure Dickie in East Renfrewshire, Scotland

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    Japan Post IPO to include listing two units

    Japan’s state-owned postal group has said its mammoth initial public offering that could raise more than $30bn in the secondKana Inagaki in Tokyo

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