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    Alibaba blasts state regulator over critical report

    Alibaba blasted a critical report published this week by a Chinese state regulator calling it an “inaccurate and unfairCharles Clover in Beijing

  2. FT Photo Diary



    Anti-terrorist preparations

    South Korean firefighters wearing protective gear take care of a mock victim during an exercise against a possible terroristMarcus Cotton

  3. FT Alphaville



    Missing: one Blackberry. Please return to TPG

    You’ve read about TPG, the $65bn buyout firm, suing its former spokesman to get back his company Blackberry after heJoseph Cotterill

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    Miliband promises ‘home rule’ bill for Scotland

    Ed Miliband has urged voters to reject the Scottish National party in May, admitting that the results from Scottish seatsKiran Stacey, Political Correspondent

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    Total becomes first major to secure stake in UAE oilfields

    Total has won a contract to develop the largest onshore oil deposit in the United Arab Emirates, the first internationalMichael Stothard in Paris and Anjli Raval in London

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    Shell shrinks capex

    Oil’s collapse below $50 a barrel has hit Royal Dutch Shell’s earnings, driving it to cut capital investment by 14 per cent2m 55secs

  4. FT Alphaville



    Band on the run

    The Danish central bank cut rates on January 19. Also on January 22. And again, today, January 29. Here’s a quick reactionDan McCrum

  5. NEW


    Flybe yet to hit a purple patch

    Motivating employees with a ceremony involving beads and candles, all of them purple, may not sound like much of a strategy,Jane Wild

  6. NEW


    Mobile group Bharti Airtel to apply for limited banking license

    Bharti Airtel, India’s leading telecoms operator by revenue, has announced plans to apply for a limited banking license, inBy Avantika Chilkoti

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    Falling oil prices prompt central bankers to reconsider

    Only a few months ago, the 2015 outlook for monetary policy could be summarised in two words: “great divergence”. This wasFerdinando Giugliano, Economics Correspondent

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